Streamate is probably the most well known webcam platform on the internet. If you’re a camgirl looking for a new place to work or customer looking for camgirls you’ve probably come across Streamate or one of its many whitelabels. Streamate is very well presented on the internet and that brings them a crazy (more like insane) amount of traffic.

Making money on Streamate

You can earn quite a lot of money working as a webcam model on Streamate. Probably not the $10,000 a month they advertise on their recruitment websites, but you can still earn a very good salary on their platform. All you have to do is create an account, upload the necessary details and download the Streamate encoder. If you’re a new cammodel on Streamate or new to camming in general and don’t know how to get started you can use their help articles. They will tell you everything you need to know about the platform and how to get set up. Alternatively we will be posting helpful Streamate articles very soon.

On Streamate you start in a free chat room. Nudity is not allowed in free chat so if someone wants to see more they will have to take you to a pay-per-minute chat. You set your own per minute rate. Streamate takes a 70% fee. That sounds like a lot but in return for their fee they will bring tons of visitors to their website(s) and your profile. Most girls still take home more money after the Streamate fee than they would working on a website that charges a smaller fee. This is because those websites will also have a lot less traffic.

Streamate Features

  • Premium chat (paid per minute chat that allows multiple customers at once)
  • Exclusive chat (paid per minute 1 on 1 chat)
  • Receive tips in free chat, premium chat or exclusive chat
  • Gold shows (group show for x amount of Dollars)
  • Geoblocking (block countries you don’t want to appear in)

Why Club Daily Pay loves Streamate

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic! It doesn’t matter what time of the day you login. There are always tons visitors on the platform looking for someone to spend their money on. Where other platforms can be quiet during office hours, holidays or sport events Streamate will always have traffic. Despite Streamate having free chat, we love that nudity isn’t allowed which makes it much easier to get paid shows.

Payments from Streamate

Streamate payment methods

  • Check through mail – minimum payout of $20, can take upto 6 weeks to arrive depending on your location.
  • Check through FedEx (US only) – $30 processing fee and minimum payout of $200.#
  • Wire Transfer (US only) – $40 processing fee and minimum payout of $240.
  • Cosmo Pay – $100 minimum You will have to pay the Cosmo card fee, loading fee, withdrawel fee and currency conversion fee.
  • Daily Pay directly into your UK, EU, US, CAD or AUD bank account through Club Daily Pay – 6% fee.

Daily Payments on Streamate

Club Daily Pay offers daily or weekly pay on Streamate. Any money you earn today will be transferred into your bank account the next day. You can also choose our weekly payment option. We transfer your earnings in your home currency without any currency conversion fees. You only pay our 6% service fee. Do you want to receive daily pay on Streamate? All you have to do is register here and receive your Streamate earnings directly into your bank account.

What is your experience working as a webcam model on Stremate?  Please share your experience  below so other camgirls can read real reviews from real camgirls about Streamate.