Brexit and Webcamming

Brexit and Webcamming

Brexit and the UK adult industry

Webcam performers in the UK will have to face a potential dip in their earnings come 29 March 2019. This is of course the UK’s exit date from the EU (so called Brexit), and with that, the long and painful uncoupling of decades worth of legal and economic legislation will begin. According to UBS Group AG the UK’s GDP has decreased by 2.1% even before Brexit, and we can further expect the prices of everyday goods and services to increase. These fears (or predictions?) seem to be exasperated by the fact that Parliament has split into so many factions that what 'the People' actually want out of Brexit is seemingly different depending on the time of day. Less money in the pocket means less money to spend on luxuries such as your cam chat room. Are you worried about how Brexit will affect your traffic and earnings as a webcam girl? If you are a UK webcammer then here are some tips to help make the Brexit changes to your cam earnings as painless as possible.

How will Brexit affect webcamming?

Brexit can affect your webcam earnings in a number of ways, some changes can be predicted and worked around, but as we draw nearer the date and more information becomes available, there will be new challenges for you to cope with. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the biggest issue will be that the average visitor to your cam profile is predicted to have less money to spend. The UK is a services based economy, and as we are shut off from our existing trade deals and partnerships from the continent our services may be seen a less competitive compare to the remaining 27 EU nations. This will lead to more expensive imports and fewer exports.

Being a member of the EU means that we are also obliged to abide by the various legislations agreed by and set forth by all member states (UK included). It goes without saying that the current UK government do not think particularly highly of open and free internet access, nor do they have a favourable view of the adult industry as Theresa May as the former Home Secretary (and as Prime Minister for that matter) has tried to force through archaic policies to reign in sex workers, as can be seen through the many attempts at the so-called Porn Law. Simply put, being a member of the EU has greased the wheels somewhat for our industry. When the UK exits the EU the state of the adult industry in the UK is up in the air.

Avoiding the worst effects on webcamming after Brexit

So doom and gloom aside, what can be done to mitigate the many potential pitfalls that Brexit will have on the webcam industry in the UK? Adultwork is the biggest platform for webcam traffic and escort bookings in the UK. If you are a UK webcammer then the first step is to not rely so heavily on a single platform, especially if it’s Adultwork. Being a UK platform, Adultwork is much more vulnerable to the effects of Brexit and our own government’s hostile attitude to the adult industry. The first thing you should do, if you don’t already, is to make sure you are sign up on at least one other platform. Streamate and Chaturbate are two of the biggest webcam platforms around and are based in the USA. Another good alternative is StripChat which has a high number of visitors but without the oversaturation of webcammers like Streamate and Chaturbate. There are several European based platforms available with offer high traffic such as Visit-X. The Dutch based Twero bills itself as an erotic social media, so while it may not have huge traffic for webcammers outside of the Netherlands, it presents a lucrative way of selling your premade content such as pictures and videos.

Please be aware that much of what is written here is conjecture. Brexit is still a while off and it seems like almost everything still needs to be agreed on, so absolutely anything can change.