How to calculate your Adultwork earnings

Calculating Adultwork earnings

What are Adultwork credits?

Working on Adultwork means that you earn "credits", the currency of the platform. One common misconception is that 1 credit equals £1. This is not strictly true, as there are several fees incurred when it comes to "cashing out" credits to your bank account (or other payment method). One major cause of confusion for webcam models is how to figure out exactly how much they are making in monetary terms.

Why do I pay fees?

In order to keep the platform up and running, Adultwork needs to make a profit. They take their profit (30% admin fee) from your earnings. As a provider of digital services you must also pay a 20% VAT fee on the Adultwork admin fee, unless you are VAT registered. If you offer webcam services, then Just Cam It (JCI), a third party software provider which actually allows you to connect with users, will take a 5% software fee on all credits earned via their software.

How do I calculate my cut?

In order to calculate how much money you actually earn from your credits, first of all go to your Credits Report on Adultwork here, then apply the following fees:
> Adultwork fee - 30%
> 20% VAT fee - 6%
> JCI fee - 5%

For example, if you were to make 200 credits on direct cam, you would be paid 200 credits minus the 30% Adultwork fee, minus the 6% VAT charges, and 5% for any earnings on Direct Cam. This means you are left with 59%, so you would calculate your total as 200 credits x 0.59 (for your leftover cut) = £118.

Instead of paying 6% towards the Adultwork VAT fee, you can choose to join Club Daily Pay, our Adultwork daily pay service. This means we pay the VAT charges for you, pay you daily 365 days in return and you get to enjoy all of our other benefits. In return for our services we ask a small 6% fee. This means your earnings breakdown will look like this:
> Adultwork fee - 30%
> Club Daily Pay fee - 6%
> JCI fee - 5%
If you weren't a member of our Group, then you would substitute our 6% fee with the 20% VAT fee on your earnings, meaning you would be left with the same £118, meaning our service is free.