How to remove VAT from Adultwork

Removing Adultwork VAT

Do I have to pay VAT on Adultwork?

Adultwork VAT is something that every model on has to pay. If you have been a webcam model on Adultwork for at least a year, you may have noticed around a year ago that your payout dropped a little. That is because since January 2015, the EU have issued that anyone providing digital services to a private consumer will be subject to 20% VAT. This includes your earnings on the Adultwork platform. Unfortunately the VAT has to be paid by someone, but that someone doesn't necessarily have to be you.

How do I get around the VAT?

So how do you get around this? You can remove the Adultwork VAT fee by joining Club Daily Pay. When you are a member of Club Daily Pay we pay the VAT charges for you. You don't have to do any paperwork, nor include them in your tax self assessment. The Adultwork VAT charges will become non existing. We pay them for you and you no longer need to worry about the extra charges. Another way to get rid of the 20% VAT fee is to register yourself for a VAT number, this includes lots of red tape and constant administration. If you do not charge VAT on your webcam services yourself, you will still be responsible for paying the VAT charges to HMRC instead of Adultwork. Alternatively, you can of course remove the VAT charges if you yourself are VAT registered, or by uploading your HMRC assessments to Adultwork to prove that you are self employed and have beeing paying taxes on your Adultwork earnings..

Are there other benefits?

After joining Club Daily Pay you will instantly be able to join all the benefits we offer for free. We charge a 6% fee for our services, but because we pay your 20% VAT charges, it makes our services 100% free. Instead of throwing that 20% VAT money away, you can enjoy the following benefits for no extra costs.

THe Club Daily Pay benefits include:
> Free daily payments (instead of waiting 21 days with Adultwork)
> No more 20% VAT to pay on your earnings
> Your minimum payout will no longer be 150 credits, but only 17 credits instead
> Discrete payments; our payments look like regular non-adult salary payments
> Extra advertising and traffic for your profile
> Quick and friendly support team available 365 days a year

Want to get rid of your VAT, and enjoy additional benefits? You can register for our Group here, and we'll complete your registration within 24 hours.