How to Verify on Adultwork

Verify on Adultwork

Adultwork Verification

Adultwork profiles for service providers can sometimes a little green icon below the main profile picture which says ‘Verified Member’ with a little tick graphic. This means that the service provider has gone through the trouble of achieving ‘verified status’. Verified status is when the member has proven to Adultwork that not only are they at least 18 years old, but that they are also the owner of the profile (if you have spent any amount of time on Adultwork you will have no doubt came across at least one profile that it’s obvious that the profile doesn’t belong to the person in the picture).

Why verify on Adultwork?

Verifying your Adultwork profile serves mainly two purposes. The first is to show all potential visitors to your profile is that you are who you say you are. Adultwork is the UK’s biggest escorting classifieds website, so it is better for both you and your future clients to know exactly what each other are getting upfront so there are fewer potential squabbles. The second, and possibly most important aspect of getting your Adultwork profile verified is to satisfy the platform that you are who you say you are. Unverified profiles can be viewed as potentially suspicious by both the platform and clients, and you don’t want to run the risk of logging in one day to find that your profile was removed for any reason, especially if you have any hard earned credits on your account!

How to verify on Adultwork

There are a few small steps to getting your Adultwork profile verified, and the default verification instructions are not completely clear. Verifying on Adultwork follows these few simple steps.

Fill in the basic profile information. This includes your gender, age (you don’t have to use your real age), upload at least one profile picture, and write out a profile summary and profile text. As you can see from the image below, all of these details can be quickly filled in by clicking on the underline text highlighted within the green circle. These hyperlinks will take you directly to the appropriate page.

Upload Adultwork verification documents

Next you will need to upload your ID and verification photo. At the bottom of the page you will see a checkbox and a dropbox to select your nationality. There will be a separate page for the ID (Adultwork accepts valid passports, driving licences, and citizen’s card) and verification photo. As you can see on the ID page below, you will also need to manually type in your name, date of birth, and document number as it appears on your ID.

Upload Adultwork ID documents

Finally you will need to upload your verification photo when you reach the last page. It is important to note that your verification must me ALL of the following conditions:
> Your face is visible
> You are holding a piece of paper, with all four corners visible, with handwritten text
> The text must read “Adultwork user id: your unique number” + “today’s date”
> At least one hand can be fully seen holding the paper

Once you have done that, click on the submit button and Adultwork will review your documents. You will be informed by either whether or not your documents have been accepted. If not, the email from Adultwork will specify why your documents could not be accepted, and how they could be accepted in future. And with that, you’re done.

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