Working on Chaturbate


What is Chaturbate?

Even though Chaturbate is still quite a new player in the webcam industry, it has quickly grown to be one of the biggest webcam platforms on the internet! It has millions of unique visitors per day and just keeps on growning. Chaturbate uses a token system (your earn a token currency) and just like every platform Chaturbate takes a percentage of your earnings, which means that 1 token is worth $0.05 USD. For example, if you earn 1000 tokens then you will have $50 USD.

How to make money on Chaturbate

Chaturbate focusses on shows in free chat. Even though there is paid per minute function, it is not a very populair function. Most shows are done in free chat, this means all viewers (both vistors with registered accounts and visitors without accounts) can watch your shows. You make money by charging tokens for performing certain acts during your show, alternatively, you can set a goal of a specified amount of tokens). Everyone in your chat can contribute to your token goal together. This means you can sit in your free chat room and let your visitors know that once you reach the goal of (for example) 3000 tokens ($150) you will perform a show for them. It could be one person tipping you 3000 tokens, but it could also be 100 people tipping you to get to the goal. Working on Chaturbate takes a little patience, sometimes you reach your goal within a few minutes, sometimes your room could be quite empty or just very little tippers and lots of people who don't plan on paying for a show.
If you don't want to perform in free chat or would prefer a pay to view setup, it Adultwork or Streamate would be better suited to you.

Payments from Chaturbate

Chaturbate pays its members every 14 days. To receive a payment you will need a minimum of $50 on your account. If you are not located in the United States you can only receive your earnings through First Choice Pay (formerly known as Payoneer). In order to get access to your earnings you will be charged a fee to load your earnings into your First Choice Pay account. You can then spend your earnings in any (web)shop but will have to pay a currency conversion fee on every transaction. As an alternative you can withdraw your funds from an ATM, this will cost you an ATM withdrawal fee and currency conversion fee.
If you think this is too much hassle and you don't want to be hit by all the First Choice Pay fees, you can join our Chaturbate Daily Pay Service. You only need a £10 minimum to get paid and you will receive your earnings directly in your bank account following morning before 8am! You can register for our Chaturbate Daily Pay Service here.