Working on Streamate


What is Streamate?

Streamate is the biggest webcam platform on the internet. This means you can expect constant traffic and it's never really quiet, which is great if you want to earn money. Every webcam platform you work on will take a percentage of your earnings, Streamate takes 70% of your earnings. That seems quite high, but don't forget that Streamate is the biggest webcam platform and with millions of daily visitors you will probably still earn more on Streamate than on most other platforms.

How to make money on Streamate

Working on Streamate begins in a free chatroom. This means everyone who visits the website can enter your virtual room for free. Streamate does not allow any nudity or toys in their free chatrooms. If the visitors in your free chatroom want you to perform for them they will have to pay and start a premium chat. In the premium chat you can have multiple paying visitors at once. If he wants you all to himself he can take you to an exclusive 1 on 1 chat.

Streamate will take a flat percentage cut from your earnings. You decide how much you want to charge per minute. Let's say you charge $4.99 per minute for an exclusive chat and your chat lasts 10 minutes the visitor gets charged 10 (minutes) x $4.99 = $49.99. Streamate takes 70% of your earnings so you receive 30% of $49.99 which is $14.99 for a 10 minute show.

In your free chatroom your visitors can also tip you "Gold" in exchange for fulfilling requests. 1 Gold is worth $0.30 after Streamate take their fee. Don't forget, that you can't show any nudity in free chat, not even in exchange for Gold!

You also have the option to do "Gold Shows". This means you will perform a special show (for example a shower show) only after you are tipped 500 Gold. All visitors interested in the show must contribute Gold within a certain time limit so they can all watch your special Gold show once the goal is reached. If you do not reach your Gold Show goal everyone who contributed towards the show will receive their money back.

If you would rather work on a pay to view based website, Adultwork might be the website for you.

Payments from Streamate

If you are not located in the United States you can only receive payments through First Choice Pay (formely Payoneer). In order to receive your payments you need to earn at least $100 and will need to load your earnings to your First Choice account. You can then spend your money on (online) shops or withdraw it from an ATM. You will be charged a card loading fee, First Choice account fee, ATM withdrawal fee and cross border fee when using your card.
If you think this is too much hassle and you don't want to be hit by all the First Choice Pay fees, you can join our Streamate Daily Pay Service. You only need a £10 minimum to get paid and you will receive your earnings directly in your bank account following morning before 8am! You can register for our Streamate Daily Pay Service here.