Working on Chaturbate

Chaturbate has been growing more and more populair over the years and is now one of the biggest webcam platforms with millions of unique visitors per day. Rather than focussing on private chats, Chaturbate is more focussed on entertaining your viewers in the free and public chatroom. This means you ask for tokens in return for you doing X and Y. You will have a group of people watching you (potentially thousands) and all contributing to a token goal together. If this is something you are comfortable with, the earnings can be quite lucrative. If you prefer to stay more anonymous and have a pay to chat feature, Adultwork or Streamate might work better for you.

Chaturbate earnings

Your earnings on Chaturbate are based on tokens, with 1 token equating to $0.05. In order to request a payment you need to reach a minimum of $50. Payments from Chaturbate are transferred twice a month. If you are a UK or EU based model, you can only be paid through First Choice Pay or Paxum. This means you will be charged with a loading fee, currency conversion fee and ATM withdrawal fee before you can withdraw your Chaturbate earnings.

Our Chaturbate Daily Pay Service

If you are not too keen on dealing with the First Choice Pay hassle and fees you can join our Chaturbate Daily Pay Service. We will pay your Chaturbate earnings straight into your bank account the following morning, guaranteed before 8am. You only need a £10 minimum in order to receive your payment. Our Chaturbate daily pay service fee is just 6%. In return you will receive your earnings the following morning and you no longer have to deal with all the FirstChoice Pay hassle and fees. If you work on other websites your Chaturbate earnings will be added on top of your other earnings. Want your Chaturbate earnings quicker for whatever reason? We also offer same day payments.
If you would like to learn what it's like working on Chaturbate, you can check out our working on Chaturbate blog post.