Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Club Daily Pay? By joining Club Daily Pay everyday becomes payday! You will no longer have to wait weeks to receive your earnings. Joining our daily pay service on Adultwork, Streamate, Chaturbate and Manyvids means you only need a £10 minimum payment in order to get paid the next day. We pay directly into your bank account so you no longer have to deal with any FirstChoice if overseas fees. If you have any issues, need some help or just some advice our support team will get back to you within 2 hours.

I already have an account on Adultwork, Manyvids, Streamate or Chaturbate, can I still join? Yes. If you already have an account you can still join Club Daily Pay. Your Adultwork, Manyvids and Chaturbate accounts can be easily transfered to our daily pay service. This means you keep your old profile and can still work like you are used to and enjoy all the Club Daily Pay benefits. Streamate does not allow existing profile transfers. If you already have a Streamate profile and want to join our service, your old Streamate account will need to be closed.

How do I get paid? You will be paid directly into your bank account the following morning before 8am.

Do my payments mention anything erotic? No. All payments are safe and discrete and can not be traced back to the Adult industry. You can safely show your bank statements.

How do you handle my personal details? We handle all details with the utmost security and discretion. We will never share your details with any third parties, and all personal data is deleted should you ever choose to leave our daily pay service.

What do I need to join Club Daily Pay? If you do not already have an account on one or more websites you want to work on you will need a valid ID. You will also need a laptop or desktop computer, webcam and quick internet connection. You will also need a UK or EU bank account.

Can I work on multiple websites at once? Yes, of course! You can split your daily earnings between different websites. We will then group all your earnings together into one payment.

What does it cost to join Club Daily Pay? Joining Club Daily Pay is free. When you join our Adultwork daily pay service, the AdultWork 20% VAT charge is waived, this means you keep the same amount of earnings and receive free daily pay and all the other benefits in return. The fee for transfers is 6% (this 6% charge balances out the waived 20% VAT charge, meaning our service is 100% free). For all other sites there is a small 6% fee for receiving daily payments.

I need a reference (i.e. for a lease) If you have been with Club Daily Pay for at least 3 months (and have worked in those 3 months) we can use our registered company status to help you with a reference without mentioning the adult industry. We won't embelish your earnings, but will take the average amount of earnings over the last 3 months.

Why choose you over others? We offer a proven service with nothing but happy members. A fee much lower than anyone else, and no hidden pitfalls, whereas other groups can charge additional (hidden) fees, which can be as much as 9-12% of your total income, as well as tricky wording in their terms. Other Groups are too big, and you just become another entry in a database, or receive slow service. We know our members by name, and understand how to help you personally. Our support is always available, and often reply within the same hour! Other daily pay services take an average of 3-7 days to reply.

What if I want to leave Club Daily Pay? You can of course leave Club Daily Pay anytime you want, all you have to do is let us know so we can complete the administration. But please note, if you are an Adultwork member you will once again be charged the AdultWork 20% VAT fee on your earnings.

I'm interested, how do I sign up? Fill in the necessary details on our registration form, we will then contact you soon after with the details required in order to finalise your registration with our Daily Pay Group. If you have not heard from us within 12 hours, please check your spam folder.