Working on Streamate

Streamate is probably the biggest and most populair webcam platform world wide. With millions of unique, registered and potential clients visiting the website per day there is always an oppertunity to make money. You start in free chat and seduce your viewers into paying for a group or private chat with you. How much you charge per minute is of course up to you. Some people are very good with converting free viewers to paid viewers, others do better or are more comfortable on a pay-to-view website such as Adultwork.

Streamate earnings

Streamate takes quite a high cut from their models' earnings (65%). However, because they are such a big platform with such monster traffic there is still a lot of room to potentially make more money on Streamate than on other cam websites. It is common to charge quite a high per minute rate on Streamate, much higer than on other webcam sites. In order to receive your earnings you need to make a minimum of $100, this will be paid out to you 15 days later. If you are located in the UK you can only receive your earnings through First Choice Pay. First Choice Pay is absolutely bogged down with fees, including a loading fee, currency conversion fee and ATM withdrawal fee, all before you even get to touch your Streamate earnings.

Our Streamate Daily Pay Service

By joining our Streamate Daily Pay Service you will receive your Streamate earnings directly into your UK bank account the next day, with no more need to deal with First Choice Pay. You will no longer need to make the minimum of $100, you only need £10 in order to get paid by us. Our Streamate Daily Pay Service fee is just 6%. In return for that you receive your earnings the following morning (or same day if you request a same day payment), only need to make £10 and you no longer have to deal with all the FirstChoice Pay hassle and fees. If you work on other websites your Streamate earnings will be added on top of your other earnings.
If you would like to learn what it's like working on Streamate, you can check out our working on Streamate blog post.