Terms & Conditions

1. Club Daily Pay is a payment processor between Adultwork, ManyVids, Streamate, Chaturbate, and it's respective members. The aforementioned websites will be simply referred to as "the platforms". By joining Club Daily Pay the member agrees with the Club Daily Pay terms of use.

2. By joining Club Daily Pay, earnings that are made on the platforms will be transfered to the member's bank account the next day for a 6% fee. The minimum payout threshold is £10. Any earnings under £10 will carry over to the next day. Club Daily Pay members do not have to pay the Adultwork.com 20% VAT fee.

3. It is the member's responsibility to make sure all details that are necessary to receive payments are 100% correct. Giving wrong payment details may lead to payments being transferred to the wrong person. Club Daily Pay can not be held responsible for any missed payments due to receiving the wrong payment details.

4. Club Daily Pay makes payments 365 days a year. Club Daily Pay is not responsible for any payment delays to a member's bank account as a result of bank holidays, weekends, bank maintenance, or any other number of factors outwith our control.

5. Club Daily Pay uses the earnings overview of the platforms to see what members have earned. If for whatever reason the platforms are down or can not be accessed, Club Daily Pay can not be held responsible for any payment delay. Club Daily Pay will however always try to make the transfers as soon as possible in situations like this.

6. Club Daily Pay only handles payments. This means models are 100% in control of their profile and have 100% ownership of their profile. Profile information is only used to process payments, Club Daily Pay will never give any third parties access to members profiles, personal, or profile information.

7. You can offer a variety of services, including escorting, however, in order to remain a member of our Adultwork group, you must offer webcam services.

8. In some instances your bank may charge a very small fee to receive payments. Although not all banks will process a charge, this will be outwith our control.

9. Models can leave Club Daily Pay anytime they wish, however models cannot delete their profile or leave our service until we have received all earnings that we have advanced payed to the member.

10. Models may not delete their profile while a member of our group. In that event, you agree to pay back any lost monies, or daily payments which cannot be recouped from the platforms due to the deletion.

11 a. Club Daily Pay offers a referral bonus. For every new member a Club Daily Pay Adultwork member brings to our Group, the member will be paid £25 once the referred member has made £100.

11 b. The £25 referral bonus is paid out along with regular daily payments only after the referred member has made the £100 minimum after joining our service.