The Adultwork age verification is coming into force as the British Government have decreed that by July 15th 2019 all websites which commercially offer adult content will need to implement an age verification system. This law will apply to all members of Adultwork from July 15th on wards. Both services providers (escorts, webcammers, phone operators or content providers) and service seekers will need to be Adultwork age verified. This Adultwork age verification process is their way of ensuring all members using the Adultwork.com platform are both at least 18 years of age and are the owner of the supplied ID. You can tell which adult work profiles are verified and which profiles have yet to be age verified by the green badge under their main profile picture which will say ‘Verified Member’.


The Adult work age verification process for service providers is actually pretty simple and straight forward. You will be required to upload a profile picture, a verification photo, and a copy of your ID (only a Passport, full driving Licence, or Citizen’s Card can be accepted). When everything has been uploaded Adultwork will look over your documents and approve (or ask you to resubmit if there are any errors) your profile within 48 hours. In most cases the Adultwork age verification process is completed the same day.

For a full step by step visual guide on how to get verified on Adultwork please read our blog post on the topic: How To Verify on Adultwork.


Before the new age verification law there were already numerous benefits of getting verified on Adultwork. You can find all these benefits in our “How to get verified on Adultwork” blog. Being age verified on Adultwork is now required by British law.

If you are not age verified on Adultwork then your profile and its content will be automatically filtered out to all visitors. If you’ve been working on Adultwork for a while you’ll know that this would mean losing a lot of traffic, customers and most importantly.. losing most of your income. Enforcement of Age Verification falls to the BBFC and their own guidelines regarding unverified profiles will mean that the following content will not be permitted:

– detailed depictions of sexual activity (for example penetration, masturbation, oral sex)

– full frontal nudity or exposure of the breasts or genitals

– fetish themes which involve violence or aggression

– sexual poses that draw attention to breasts, genitals and/or buttocks whether exposed or not, (for example a person bending over and/or spreading their legs).

Some of the guidelines will come as a little ambiguous so in the run up to age enforcement Adultwork.com are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their members are fully age verified well ahead of the deadline. If your Adultwork profile has not been age verified in time then any and all content which breaches the guidelines will be pixelated, seriously decreasing your Adultwork traffic and earnings.


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