Useful resources for cam girls and content creators

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, there are is a whole slew of resources available tailor made for performers. From online communities built around web cam performers and content creators, to guides, review sites, and wellness resources, the people who make up the industry are well provisioned with numerous invaluable means of support.

Laid out in this article are some handy resources and communities chosen by Club Daily Pay as being particularly noteworthy, either for it’s popular or as coming recommended by many of Club Daily Pay’s members (or both). We will discuss a range of items, including well-researched review sites, communities, and resources for helping maintain a healthy state of mind.

Review Websites

First up is a well recommended review site, Cam Girl Weekly. Written and maintained by an active cam girl, is a site absolutely packed with reviews of dozens of webcam sites and content sales sites. Each of the reviews are the author’s honest opinion. At the time of writing there are over 50 articles available on camgirlweekly ranging from reviews to tips, personal experiences, comparisons, and more.

If you are looking for an unbiased selection of reviews and help articles, then camgirlweekly is being constantly updated with new content. From reviews of webcam site, picture and video sales site, experiences with sites and payment methods, and everything in between, camgirlweekly is one of (if not the most) thorough resources available.

Cam Girl Forum

When it comes online communities, cam girl forums are one of the best resources available for cam performers who want to get in touch with others in the same industry. One such forum is CamGirlCircle where cammers and content creators can get together, share tips and experience, discuss their thoughts of sites and services, or just cut loose in an off-beat thread. Connecting with your peers is one of the best ways to gain experience. Help CamGirlCircle grow by joining in the discussion.

Stripperweb is another such cam girl forum. This one is a bit more America-centric with most of the discussions being dominated by sites like Streamate. That being said, there is plenty going on in the non-industry sections for members who just want to relax and talk about non-industry related topics.

Looking after You

Being a webcam girl or content performer is a hectic career path. Every act is monetised, you’re a business person constantly trying to improve your brand, and you will want to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Basically, you need make sure that you’re okay, both mentality and physically.

There are a few resources dedicated to the mental wellness of sex workers. First up is the The Sex Worker Self-Care Kit is an guide to helping you look after yourself mentally and physically, with additional tips to help you set up a support network, protect yourself online, and separate you from your work identity.

National Ugly Mugs (not NUM for short) is a UK registered charity actively working with sex workers to help understand the industry, design and create safety tools, and provide personalised support to anyone who needs it. Even if you aren’t based in the UK, NUM’s Mental Health Resources page have several videos available which cover topics such as hardship during COVID, grief and loss, creating a safety plan, and more.