Working on and Getting Paid on Chaturbate

Working on Chaturbate is simply one of the best ways of making money for cam girls. Many other cam sites just can’t compete with Chaturbate in terms of traffic, ease of use, support, and payment methods. Unfortunately for many cam performers, especially those outside of the US and Canada, getting access to their hard earned funds can be problematic. Chaturbate payment methods for UK and EU sadly come with many fees.

If you are a webcam performer from the UK or EU, you will no doubt be confused as to which payment method is the most efficient way of withdrawing your Chaturbate earnings. UK and EU Chaturbate members will have seen the payout options available, and it’s clear that they are all North America focussed. So what’s the solution? Club Daily Pay is available to UK and EU Chaturbate members and we offer a much quicker and cheaper way of withdrawing your Chaturbate funds.

Chaturbate Payment Methods

Before signing up to any cam site, it’s always a good idea to check what the fees, rates, and withdrawal options are. Chaturbate certainly doesn’t lack variety when it comes to payment methods. There are about a dozen default payment options available for Chaturbate members and each comes with it’s own fee. Some of the Chaturbate payment methods include:

  • Check Sent By Mail (No Processing Fee)
  • Payment by ePayService (0.6% Processor Fee, or $0.06 on every $10.00)
  • Payment by Direct Deposit (No Processing Fee, USA Only)
  • Check Sent By Fed Ex ($40.00 Processing Fee in the US, $80.00 International)
  • Payment by Wire ($45.00 Processing Fee)
  • Payment by Paxum ($0.50 Processing Fee)
  • Payment by COSMO Pay ($1.00 Processing Fee)
  • Payment by Bitcoin ($3.00 Processing Transaction Fee)
  • Payment by Skrill (1.25% Processor Fee, $25 max)

As you can see, most of the Chaturbate payment methods take quite a high flat fee. There are alternatives such as Paxum and Cosmo that transfer your funds for lower fees, but they come with their own additional hidden fees. On our Club Daily Pay Fees page we break down the fees of each of the alternative payment methods, their hidden fees, and what end payment you can expect between all your options. As you will see, in every instance Club Daily Pay is the cheapest payment method on Chaturate, and every other cam site.

Get Paid From Chaturbate as a UK Model

Working on Chaturbate as a UK cam performer will leave you wondering what’s the cheapest method to withdraw your Chaturbate money. Some of the Chaturbate payment methods are only available to US performers in the first place. What few payment methods that are left are a minefield of processing fees, currency conversion fees, loading fees, and more. UK Chaturbate cam performers can join Club Daily Pay and in return receive a number of benefits.

The minimum Chaturbate withdrawal depends on which payment method you use. Mostly commonly the minimum Chaturbate payout is $50. Getting paid your Chaturbate earnings through Club Daily Pay lowers the minimum required from a payout down from $50 to just £15. With Club Daily Pay you will be paid in your local currency, with no currency conversion fees.

Get Paid From Chaturbate as a EU Model

Much like UK Chaturbate performers, any member who resides in the EU can join our Chaturbate Daily Pay Service. As a cam performer in the EU you may find it even more tricky to find a cost effective way of withdrawing your Chaturbate earnings. Club Daily Pay transfers your Chaturbate earnings for just a €15 minimum. There is no residence requirement. Any Chaturbate member living in the EU and with a bank account that accepts euro SEPA payments can be paid by Club Daily Pay in their local currency.

Join Club Daily Pay on Chaturbate

Getting paid your Chaturbate earnings if you are in the UK or EU is simple. Join our Chaturbate Daily Pay Service our your minimum drops from $50 to just £15/€15. What’s more, payments are made daily so there’s no need to wait weeks for your own earnings. Club Daily Pay is an inclusive service available to all members.