Working on StripChat

StripChat is one of the major pay per minute cam sites around at the moment. Some of you may already know this, but StripChat is owned by XHamster, and as such, has a lot of advertising power behind it. In fact, when our Adultwork members ask us for recommendations for new webcam sites we recommend them StripChat! If you are used to premium (i.e. paid only) cam sites like Adultwork then you will find the transition to StripChat much easier to figure out.

So why do we recommend working on StripChat? As mentioned above, driving all that traffic to their members is a huge advantage that many competitor cam sites just don’t have. Having the option to offer paid only chat is helpful particular if you are new to webcam sites, and certainly cuts out on ‘freeloaders’ that you will likely come across on sites that offer free chat.

Working on StripChat will feel familiar to any cam models who have worked on other paid only cam sites, such as Adultwork. If StripChat is the first cam site that you are working on, then you should feel at ease quite quickly. As well as having a robust help & support team, StripChat also has a blog section full of helpful articles with advice on how to promote yourself, interviews, tips, tricks, and anything else you may need to find your feet.

Getting Started on StripChat

StripChat have only been around for a few years, but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. Since starting out in 2016 they have already built themselves a huge traffic base with around 200 million visitors per month, partly with thanks to the support of StripChat’s sister site, XHamster.

So how to get started on StripChat? Simply head over to and click on ‘Create Free Account’, or use this Direct Link to the signup form. WATCH OUT. The default registration form is for visitors who want to chat with Strip Chat models. Just below the registration box is a little bit of text which reads ‘Want to become a model?’ Simply enter a desired username and an email address and you will be taken through a simple verification process.

As an additional helping hand, all new cam models to StripChat enjoy 14 days of boosted traffic.

Working on StripChat from the UK

Working on StripChat from the UK is a great alternative to Adultwork. Statistically speaking, we certainly understand that many of our own UK Adultwork Group members tend to be averse to trying US based sites, particularly US cam sites which offer free chat. Fortunately StripChat offer paid only chat options, so the transition from Adultwork to StripChat is pretty smooth. Why choose which site you should work on when you can work on both at the same time? By following one of the many splitcamming guides you can work across multiple sites to increase your earning potential.

Working on StripChat from the EU

Much of what can be said of working on StripChat from the UK can be applied to cam models working on StripChat from the EU. One major constraint to becoming successful on StripChat is that your understanding of English needs to sufficient enough to communicate with the site’s visitors. That includes both spoken and written English.

Get Paid on StripChat

There are multiple payment options available to cam models working on StripChat. Not all payment options will be available to you, depending on where you live. Some of the StripChat payment options will also come with additional fees or minimums. For the majority of StripChat cam models from the UK and EU the best option is EU SEPA payments. EU SEPA payments come with a $100 minimum transfer as well as a currency conversion (if your account is in GBP) plus a +1% additional charge at your banks interchage rate.

Join Club Daily Pay on StripChat and cam models in the UK and EU can access their funds much faster. Payments are made daily in your local currency (GBP or EUR), subject to just a £15 minimum. Joining us on other sites and we will combine your payments from all sites into one, larger sum each morning.