Adultwork works quite differently from other cam websites. The majority of other cam performance websites will simply display your take home earnings to you (usually in US dollars) with all of their fees having already been deducted from the total. Adultwork displays your earnings differently. When working on Adultwork they will show your earnings in credits, which is the currency of the platform. Whats more, these credits are shown before any Adultwork fees have been removed, so you may have found yourself wondering how you possibly earned hundreds of credits only to have considerably less in GBP or euros end up in your bank account. Why is this? Well it all has to do with how Adultwork reports the credits, and you will get a different answer depending on which page you use.


The Adultwork Credits Turnover page (sometimes called the Credits Report page), is the most commonly used credits reporting page that many Adultwork webcam performers use to check how many credits they have been earning. It provides a quick ball park number of how many credits you have made and which day(s) you have earned them. However, it’s exactly that, just a ballpark number, and this is where pros of the Credits Turnover page ends. This page does not offer a detailed (or even accurate) view of your earnings as it doesn’t show a range of fees, tips, content sales, and a number of other in comings and outgoings. In short, this page is highly inaccurate and should not be used if you are looking a definitive answer to how many credits you have been earnings. The Credits Turnover and Credits Report page also don’t show the 5% JCI (Just Cam It) software fee, which will usually mean that if you are with a group that uses one of these pages then you will be consistently underpaid.


– Quick overview of your earnings


– Doesn’t show JCI fee

– Doesn’t show all bonus earnings (such as tips, referrals etc)

– Doesn’t show SMS earnings

– Doesn’t show outgoings (such as manual escrows, featuring etc)


The Adultwork Credits History (or Credits Activity) page is the most comprehensive reporting tool available on Adultwork and will show you, right down to the penny, just exactly how much you have earned on Adultwork. The Credits History will give you a complete breakdown of every credit that has gone in and out for your account, and includes everything from cam software fees, to SMS earnings, subscriptions, and even referral rewards. The only downside is that is does not show the Adultwork platform fee, which is 30% and is applied when you withdraw the credits to your chosen payment method.


– The most accurate credits page

– Shows all fees (except the Adultwork fee)

– Shows all earnings

– Shows all bonus earnings (such as tips, content sales, referrals etc)


– The page isn’t so obvious to find


The short answer is the Credits History page is what you should be using to calculate your Adultwork earnings. The slightly longer answer is that you should absolutely be using the Credits History page if you are part of an Adultwork group, as most groups use the Credits Report page or Credits Turnover page to calculate your earnings. The Credits Turnover page is inaccurate for the above listed reasons, meaning that you are likely being underpaid for your work. For this reason the percentage your group charges you may be more than what they claim.

We will look at an example to show why the Credits History page is the better choice.


We are using a member of our Daily Pay group on Adultwork as an example, with their permission and details omitted. Looking at their Credits History page for the 27th July this member has earned 92.22 credits.

Adultwork Credits History example

Using our method of calculating your Adultwork earnings, this member will be paid £59.02 (members keep 64% of their credits. Adultwork take 30% of it).

Groups that use the Credits Report or Credits Turnover page on Adultwork will tell you that in order to calculate your Adultwork earnings you must:

– deduct 30% from this total for the Adultwork fee

– deduct 5% for the JCI software (on any credits made on cam)

– deduct 6% daily pay fee

This will leave you with 59% of the credits value. If we look at the Credits Turnover page that these groups will tell you to use then it will look something like this.

Adultwork Credits Turnover


As you can see, 59% of the credits value will leave the member with £57.27. This means that using our method over the payment calculation method of other groups, this member is £1.75 better off for this payment with Club Daily Pay.

Adultwork members are £1.80 per 100 credits earned better off with Club Daily Pay than other comparable groups assuming they charge our same low fee. Of course, most Adultwork groups will charge as much as 20%. For this reason, we are often cheaper than groups who advertise with lower fees or even those who claim to offer “free” daily pay.