Daily pay on Adultwork is a service that allows Adultwork webcammers and escorts to access the money they worked for much faster than relying on the default Adultwork payment method. Adultwork has a 150 credit minimum withdrawal and an almost 3 week wait for the funds to arrive on your bank account. Joining the Club Daily Pay service on Adultwork gives you a faster and more flexible payment service on Adultwork. With daily payments or instant payments, you can access your Adultwork earnings with just a £15 minimum.


What is daily pay on Adultwork?

Daily Pay on Adultwork is a way of getting your Adultwork earnings transferred to you the next day instead of having to wait 21 days. Work today, get paid tomorrow.

How do I join daily pay on Adultwork?

You can join us by going to the registration form on our website here or by messaging us through our Adultwork group page here.

I’m already with a group for daily pay on Adultwork. Can I join you?

You can submit a Leave Request to your current group manager. When you have been released you can join us and take advantage of our faster daily pay service (and in most cases, cheaper).

I was paid but my credits were not taken.

Credits remain on your Adultwork profile until Club Daily Pay withdraws the credits on Tuesday evenings. This means that your credits will build up and stay sitting in your account until that day. As a result the number of credits which appear in your account is irrelevant as it is likely that some or all of those credits have already been paid out.

My credits were taken but I wasn’t paid.

Like above, credits are withdrawn every Tuesday evening. For instance, if you only work on Wednesday, your credits will be paid on Thursday morning but the credits will physically remain in your account until the following Tuesday. Again, the credits in your account are irrelevant.

How do I calculate my daily pay earnings on Adultwork?

We have a blog post which explains the correct way to calculate your Adultwork earnings which can be found here.

Why should I join the Club Daily Pay service on Adult work?

Lots of reasons. We pay to have our Adultwork group featured everyday so you get more traffic, faster payments than any other service, the quickest support, lowest fees, daily pay on other websites, and home to many Adultwork award winners.

How much does daily pay cost?

The daily pay service fee is just 6%. Other Adultwork groups can charge as much as 20%.

When can I expect my payment?

Payments are made every morning before 9am (UK time), even on weekends and bank holidays.

What is the difference between Club Daily Pay and other groups?

Quite a few differences. Club Daily Pay is a registered company with offices in both the UK and the Netherlands. Club Daily Pay is both ICO registered and GDPR compliant. Most other Adultwork groups are run from a bedroom, without even a website, domain email address, and you are paid from a personal bank account.

Why do I need to give my Adult work password to join daily pay?

In order to join our daily pay service on Adultwork, the group manager is required to submit the username and password of the member through a secure form. Adultwork will then send a confirmation email to the member. Once this has been done we recommend changing your password.

Can I still feature while I am a daily pay member?

Of course. You can still feature your Adultwork profile as normal while a member of our daily pay service.

Do you only offer daily pay?

No, we offer a range of flexible payment options including weekly pay as well as instant pay. If you are with our daily pay service on other platforms then payments from all services will be lumped together into one large payment.

Another group offers a lower fee.

While on the face of it some groups claim to charge a smaller fee for daily pay, if you look through our blog post here (Credits History and Credits Turnover on Adultwork) regarding how credits are calculated, you will find that this is nothing more than just false advertising. We have also seen numerous examples of ‘free’ daily pay on Adultwork. Another common method is for some groups to claim that the Adultwork fee is higher than what it is (it’s 30%) to make their own fee seem lower or free, or that you need to pay VAT.


We have tried to add all of the most commonly asked questions that we receive almost every daily from members on Adultwork as well as other platforms. If you still have questions about us, our service, or any other Adultwork or daily pay related questions we are more than happy to help. You may be able to find additional information from our Adultwork page or from our blog post, Working on Adultwork.