Working on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a content sales website where members can sell their pictures and videos. But what makes OnlyFans different to other content sales sites like ManyVids? Rather than customers paying per item, they can subscribe to your all of your OnlyFans content for a monthly fee. This subscription based model has made OnlyFans a popular way for performers to sell in high volumes. Although it undoubtedly takes up the largest chunk of the market, it’s not just adult content that you can sell through OnlyFans. Many new members have been joining OnlyFans to sell anything and everything from ASMR videos to home fitness regimens. Getting started on OnlyFans is simple.

What does an OnlyFans subscription cost? You can set your own OnlyFans subscription price between $4.99 and $49.99 per month. When a customer subscribes to your content they will have access to everything that you have uploaded to your OnlyFans profile. As you add more content to your profile you may feel more comfortable increasing your subscription cost.

Setting up an OnlyFans Account

Setting up an Only Fans profile is simple. Once you have registered your name and email address you will be asked to go through the usual ID and personal information verification steps. Only Fans gives an option to register and login using your Twitter credentials, and although you need to connect your Twitter account to your OnlyFans account, it is not really recommended registering with your Twitter details. If you do this and you lose access to your Twitter account, you will also lose access to your Only Fans account.

Getting Paid from OnlyFans

OnlyFans offers several payment methods. There is a 20% fee, meaning you will keep 80% of your OnlyFans earnings. Members can choose to receive their OnlyFans earnings weekly, monthly, or by manual request. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20. OnlyFans payment methods include:

  • Paxum (e-wallet)
  • Cosmo Payment
  • International Transfer (SEPA)
  • Skrill

Although the minimum monthly subscription price is $4.99, members can offer special prices to help promote their content. The most common method is to drop the price to around the $3 mark and through Twitter offer this special price to the next set amount of subscribers (for instance, the next 10 subscribers).

Joining OnlyFans

Before you can create an OnlyFans account you will need to have a Twitter account. Both your OnlyFans profile and your Twitter account will be linked. The option to register for OnlyFans using your Twitter account is available, however it’s recommend to register using an email address instead. The reason for this is that often Twitter profiles run afoul of the T&C regarding sex work and pornographic content and may be deleted as a result. This means if you lose access to your Twitter, or your Twitter is removed, you will have real issues promoting your OnlyFans profile or even accessing your account.

Getting started on OnlyFans should take around 72 hours. If you are having issues joining OnlyFans then you can send a direct message to the OnlyFans Support Twitter page. Sign up for OnlyFans today directly by clicking the Join button below.