How to Calculate your Adultwork Earnings

Calculate Adultwork Earnings

What are Adultwork Credits?

When you work on Adultwork you will earn “credits”; this is the currency of the website. The most common misunderstanding is that 1 Adultwork credit equals £1. This is not completely true. Adultwork needs to make money too, and they do this by taking a percentage of your earnings in the form of fees. This means that when you request a payment from Adultwork 1 credit will not be worth £1.

How much are the adultwork fees?

In order to keep the website up and running, Adultwork needs to make a profit. They take their administration fee (30% admin fee) from your credits. If you offer webcam services, then JCI (Just Cam It), the software used to run Direct Cam on Adultwork will take a 5% fee from your credits. As a provider of digital services (webcamming/phone chat) you must also pay a 20% VAT fee on the 30% Adultwork admin fee (which is net 6%). You can read here how you can have the VAT fee waived.

How much do I make on Adultwork?

In order to calculate how much money you made on Adultwork visit your credit history page here. This page shows you how many credits came into your account through picture sales, bookings, webcam etc. It will also show you any deductions on your account from purchases, featuring, escrow etc. If you use JCI (direct cam) you will notice that Adultwork automatically takes out 5% JCI fee from your total credits balance. This means that the only fees left to pay are the following:
Adultwork fee – 30%
20% VAT fee – 6%
So for every credit in your account, you take home 64 pence.

Free Daily Pay on Adultwork

Do you want your Adultwork earnings in your bank account the next day before 8am? Members of our Daily Pay Service on Adultwork no longer need to pay the 6% Adultwork VAT fee. In return for daily pay, Club Daily Pay asks for a 6% service fee. With our Daily Pay Service, your earnings will be as follow:
Adultwork fee – 30%
20% Club Daily Pay fee – 6%
For every credit in your account, you will still take home 64 pence. As you can see, you earn exactly the same in our Adultwork Group as you would working on Adultwork independently. If you want everyday to be payday, you can join us here.