What is JustCamIt

JustCamIt (or JCI for short) is a flash based webcam software. Webcam sites like Adultwork rely on JustCamIt to connect clients with performers. JustCamIt also tracks your earnings on Adultwork by the second. Download JustCamIt if you work on Adultwork and want to make money using webcam services. Our short guide will help you find, download, and install JustCamIt, primarily if you are a webcam performer on Adultwork.com.

How Do I Get JustCamIt?

JustCamIt was originally available through their developer site, iStreaming. If you go to the iStreaming website now you might notice that you have problems downloading JustCamIt. JCI is no longer available to download through the iStreaming website. Unfortunately they don’t make it obvious how to get your hands on a copy of the software. If you want to offer webcam services on Adultwork then this is a problem.

Thankfully, there is a Help article which explains how to set up your Adultwork webcam services. The direct link to download JustCamIt is here. Clicking on the link will automatically download JustCamIt to your computer. Once you open the downloaded JCI file you will see something like this:

Install JustCamIt

You will need to go through the regular installation process of agreeing to the user agreement, choose the root folder, etc. JustCamIt is only around 20mb large. JCI only takes a few moments to download and install, and the system requirements are quite low so it should run on older devices, too.

Getting Help with JustCamIt

If, for whatever reason, you are having trouble downloading and installing JustCamIt, there is an online version available through videochat.tv. Using the online videochat.tv is almost like the JustCamIt software, but with slightly fewer features. JustCamIt is preferable as it is supported on more devices, allows for better cam quality, and shows you how many Adultwork credits you are making. If you need to use the online version, then Chrome is the most stable platform for running videochat.tv.

Since JustCamIt is Flash based, there are often connectivity or software issues. If you are using JustCamIt on Adultwork, then luckily Adultwork have a Current Status page which is updated with any current known issues.

Need further help or Daily Pay?

Hopefully you have now managed to download and install JustCamIt. If you need JCI for Adultwork, our Daily Pay Service on Adultwork offers the fastest and most secure way of instantly paying out your Adultwork credits. No more two week waits or 150 credits minimum, Club Daily Pay offers both daily pay and instant pay.

If you need further help setting up JustCamIt, or properly setting up your Direct Cam settings, joining Club Daily Pay is the simplest way of ensuring you have personalised support, everyday.