How to Remove Adultwork VAT

Remove Adultwork VAT

Do I have to pay the Adultwork VAT?

When you request a payout on Adultwork you will see that Adultwork charges you a 20% VAT fee. Since January 2015, the EU have said that anyone providing digital services to a private consumer will be subject to 20% VAT. As you probably know, everyone who wants to request a payment from Adultwork has to pay the 30% Adultwork administration fee. The Adultwork admin fee is a “digital service”. So you will have to pay VAT on this. This means the Adultwork VAT fee will cost you 6% of your earnings (20% of the 30% AW Admin fee is 6%). If you need to know how to calculate your Adultwork earnings, you can read about it here.

How do I remove the Adultwork VAT fee?

There are 3 ways to remove the VAT fee on Adultwork.
1. Become VAT registered. Adultwork will no longer charge you a VAT fee on your credits. When doing your taxes you can claim this as a business expense.
2. Upload a personal tax return to Adultwork stating that you are self employed and are paying class 2 and/or 4 NI contributions.
3. Join Club Daily Pay on Adultwork. If you are not comfortable with the steps above, join us. We pay your Adultwork VAT fee for you. You will receive your Adultwork earnings the next day before 8am. By joining our Club Daily Pay Service on Adultwork you will still receive 64% of your credits.

What does Club Daily Pay do for me?

Club Daily Pay is a Daily Payments Service for Adultwork and other platforms. This means the credits you earn today will be in your bank account tomorrow – before 9am!
> You receive 64% of your Adultwork credits
> Only a £10 minimum to get paid (150 credits minimum with Adultwork directly)
> Our group is featured every day to give your profile extra exposure
> Super quick support team available 365 days per year
> You still maintain 100% contorl of your profile. We only make your payments easier.
Do you want to join us, either on Adultwork or any number of other cam platforms? Contact us to take advantage of our daily pay service.