What is Direct Cam?

Direct Cam is the Adultwork service that allows members set to offering services to broadcast their webcam to other users. Even though Adultwork began as an escort directory, directcam  remains one of its most popular features. There are a few steps involved to set up the direct cam service on Adultwork, and it may not all be obvious. From downloading and installed JCI (Just Cam It), to configuring your settings and making yourself available to chat, Club Daily Pay will explain how to set up directcam on Adultwork.

Download and Install JustCamIt

Just Cam It (or JCI for short) is a 3rd party broadcasting software used by Adultwork to connect members offering services with members seeking services. The first hurdle to offering services through direct cam is downloading and installing Just Cam It.

For a full explanation on how to download and install JCI, you can refer to our blog post, How to Download and Install JustCamIt.

Setting up Direct Cam on Adultwork

Once you have downloaded and installed Just Cam It, it’s time to get set up. Setting up JCI for Adultwork requires a few small steps.

First of all, you will need to make sure you have webcam services activated through your registration details page on Adultwork. The next thing is to open JCI. Double click on the desktop icon or open it from your file browser. When you open JustCamIt it should look like the image below.

JCI Main

JustCamIt is now open but for now there isn’t much to see. As you can see there are a few windows along with a menu bar along the top. The large box on the top left is where you can view your cam feed. Bottom left you will see a list of members who are in your room, as well as how long they’ve been there for. The top right box will show earnings and tips. Finally the bottom right box is the chat window, where both you and visitors to your room can type messages back and forth.

So how do you set up JCI so that it is connected to your Adultwork profile? On the menu bar at the top there are a series of menu items. The menu item which says ‘Login’ is what you are looking for. Click here and a login box will appear asking for certain details. You will be asked for a server, account ID, username, and password. The details you need to enter as as follows:

JCI Details