Why did Adultwork drop JustCamIt?

For those of you who may not know, JustCamIt (JCI) was a Flash based software used by Adultwork to enable their Direct Cam feature. Adobe announced way back in July 2017 that Flash would reach it’s EOL (End of Life date) after 31st December 2020. With new technologies such as HTML5 able to do a better job than Flash (without all the security holes), it was only a matter of time until Flash-based programs were abandoned.

So what does this mean for the thousands of webcam performers on Adultwork who relied on JCI? The Adultwork development team are working on a new direct cam player. This is simply known as the DirectCam Broadcaster. The new Adultwork direct cam broadcaster will allow both service seekers and service providers to access the player through any modern device. That means you can broadcast (and view) through your PC, Mac, smart phone, and tablet.

So how do you set up the new Adultwork broadcaster?

How do I setup the new Adultwork Broadcaster?

The first step to setting up the new Adultwork DirectCam Broadcaster is by going to the broadcaster page here.

Be sure to bookmark this page as you will be using it often. When the page is open you will be prompted to allow certain permissions, such as cam and microphone. You will need to allow these permissions before you can proceed. If you have multiple audio or video devices then you can select which to use via the settings icon near the top.

When you are ready to begin, click the start button. Adultwork recommend using Chrome on a PC or Android based tablet. If you are accessing from an Apple device then Adultwork recommend using Safari.

If you choose to use a browser outwith the Adultwork recommendations you can refer to the DirectCam Broadcaster help page on the Adultwork website.

I’m still having problems with the new Adultwork broadcaster

If you are experiencing issues with the new Adultwork Broadcaster you can refer to our blog post, Troubleshooting Problems with the new Adultwork DirectCam Broadcaster. In this article Club Daily Pay goes over the most common issues, recommended fixes, and some fixes that our own members have recommended.

If you continue to experience problems with the new DirectCam broadcaster then you may benefit from the help of an Adultwork group. Club Daily Pay, apart from offering support to our members, is a daily pay service for Adultwork and many other webcam websites. Join our daily pay service on Adultwork today. There’s nothing to lose. Our VAT registered status makes our daily pay fee totally negligible.