When you’re making money on Adult Work you are offering adult services. That means you’ll need to be at least 18 years or older. This is why Adultwork requires all its service providers (escorts, webcam performers, phone chat operators and content creators) to prove their age and identity. A verified Adultwork profile has a green badge under the profile pictures that says “verified member”. Every verified Adultwork profile has gone through the Adultwork age verification process. It’s a quick and simple process and you’ll have your “verified member” badge within a few hours. As a result your Adultwork profile will look more trustworthy to visitors, bringing you more customers.


You should get your profile verified on Adultwork for 3 reasons.

1. To prove you are at least 18 years old.

2. Show that you are the person you say you are. Lots of people are using fake profile pictures on Adultwork, leading to some distrust among members. When you get verified on Adultwork you have proven yourself to be person in the pictures. Visitors can now see you are genuine and it will bring you more visitors and earnings.

3. Avoid your profile (and all credits on it) from randomly being deleted by Adultwork. If your Adultwork profile is deleted it probably means that either Adultwork or a visitor questioned the authenticity of your profile. As a result all of your hard earned credits may be gone.


So how to verifiy your Adultwork profile? There are just a few small steps required to getting your Adultwork profile verified. Some members can be confused by the default verification instructions as they are not completely clear. In order to get your Adultwork profile verified all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Fill in the basic Adultwork profile information. This includes your gender, age (you don’t have to use your real age), upload at least one profile picture, and write out a profile summary and profile text. As you can see from the image below, all of these details can be quickly filled in by clicking on the underline text highlighted within the green circle.

Adultwork verification process preview

Next you will need to upload your ID and verification photo to Adultwork. At the bottom of the page you will see a checkbox and a dropbox to select your nationality. There will be a separate page for your ID (Adultwork accepts valid passports, driving licences, and citizen’s card) and your Adultwork verification photo. As you can see on the ID page below, you will also need to manually type in your name, date of birth, and document number as it appears on your ID.

Upload your Adultwork verification documents

Finally you will need to upload your Adultwork verification photo when you reach the last page. It is important to note that your verification meets ALL of the following conditions:

> Your face is visible (no snapchat filters etc)

> You are holding a piece of paper, with all four corners visible, with handwritten text

> The text must read “Adultwork user id: your unique number” + “today’s date”

> At least one hand can be fully seen holding the paper

Once you have done that, click on the submit button and Adultwork will review your documents. Adultwork reviews your Adultwork verification documents within 48 hours, but it’s usually done within a few hours. Once your Adultwork profile is verified you’ll receive an email from them.


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Do you need more help understanding how Adultwork payments work? You can read our blog post about Adultwork credits here.