What is an Adultwork Leave Request?

An Adultwork Leave Request is a simple way for members who are part of problematic groups on Adultwork to become independent again. Recently, Adultwork put a system in place that will allow group members to submit an automatic request to their group manager for the release of their profile. This is the Leave Request. Adultwork will also be notified of the leave request at the same time. Group managers will then have 24 hours to action a leave request. If they don’t, then the leave request can be submitted again. Submitting a leave request again after 24 hours will also prompt Adultwork to issue an automatic warning to the group manager. So why would you want to leave your group? Ill treatment, high fees, poor support, or any number of other reasons.

Submitting a Leave Request on Adultwork

While logged into your Adultwork account, go to your Adultwork My Details page. You can see on this page, under General Settings, there is a section called Adultwork.com Groups. Expand this section and then selection the option that says ‘Leave Group’.

Adultwork Leave Request

Adultwork Leave Request

You will then be prompted to fill out a reason for leaving the group. Fill in your reason(s) for leaving, it doesn’t even have to be the real reason, and then submit. Your group manager will receive a notification that you wish to leave, and will be given 24 hours to comply. If after 24 hours you have not been released you can simply click the Leave Group button again. Clicking the Leave Group button after 24 hours will automatically send an email from Adultwork to your group manager. This email will explain that they have 24 hours to release you, otherwise Adultwork will remove you manually.

Leaving an Adultwork Group

Poorly managed groups will likely attempt to delay your departure from the group. You may be offered any number of bespoke ‘special’ deals to stay. The simple fact is that once your leave request has been sent there is no reason for your group manager to delay releasing your profile. Here are some of the most common ways untrustworthy group managers will attempt to dodge releasing you.

Adultwork leave requests are simply ignored. It does happen, and it can be stressful for members. You need to make money, but your group manager is dragging their feet so you are unsure what they are going to do to your profile.

You have been locked out of logging into your profile or your profile has been deleted entirely. As mention earlier, your Adultwork profile is your property, they have no right to do this to you.

The group manager offers you a new bespoke deal. In all our years working with Adultwork, this is the most common. You have submitted a leave request through Adultwork and your group manager contacts you offering a better fee structure if you stay. It is a tactic commonly employed by the most unsavioury groups, but in our time we have seen most groups try this, even ‘professional’ groups. Simply put, if they can offer you a better deal now, where was it before? And what about the other members in the group? They will still be getting the same old shoddy deal.