Adultwork groups

How do you choose the best group on Adultwork when there are so many to choose from? Every group offers something different, and unfortunately some groups have nothing tangible to offer at all. The Adultwork groups homepage is a minefield with every group run differently, with different fees, benefits, and limitations. If you are interested in joining a group on Adultwork, then there are a number of things you will want to look out for, and comparing a number of criteria against each group will help you choose the best Adultwork group for you.

Article summary

Our article can be summarised with the following points:
– Choose only featured groups
– No fees over 6%
– Multiple payment options
– Don’t be ‘bought’
– Web presence

For a more comprehensive look at picking the best Adultwork group, read on.

How to pick the best Adultwork group

The first step to picking the best Adultwork group is to look at the Adultwork Groups Homepage. This page is a list of all the featured groups on Adultwork. But what is featuring? Featuring is a method by which groups can pay to have preferred placement on Adultwork. Featuring a group will also have the knock on effect of increasing the group members’ visibility to visitors to the site. That being said, featuring a group doesn’t automatically make it a good group. If a group isn’t on the featured list, then the group isn’t worth looking at.

The next step is to check the group’s terms. You can find the terms via that group’s page. See the below example of the Club Daily Pay group.

As you can see from Club Daily Pay, our Adultwork group terms section has been fully filled out with payment terms, fees, and a few other tidbits. (Please note, the Adultwork commission is 30%, making our real fee 6%). With the Adultwork group terms section completely filled, this is an example of a good group as our terms are laid out and transparent.

Below is an example of a bad group. We can see that no terms have been filled out at all. A group hiding their fees and other terms is never a good sign.

If you can’t find fees and terms in this section then you will need to look at the group’s main page. If the terms and/or fees are still not described, then it is best to avoid as they won’t be able to explain their fee structure, or worse, they have high fees or even hidden fees.

Be sure to always check the terms, many groups say they offer low fees or are the cheapest on Adultwork, when one look at their terms will show they charge 10%+, even featured groups.

What are the features of a good Adultwork group?

When looking for the best Adultwork groups, there are a few items that will mark out the more professional groups from the ad-hoc ‘working out of their bedroom’ amateur setups that most Adultwork groups tend to be. The following is a description of the main points you should focus on when looking for an Adultwork group.

  • Low Adultwork fee. The major groups such as Club Daily Pay and Adultwork’s Finest Performers have helped set the 6% industry standard. Most groups however will charge 10% or even 20%.
  • Flexible payment options. Many Adultwork groups only pay once per week. This is the Adultwork default, meaning it’s pointless being in a group who only pay weekly. A good group can pay daily, weekly, monthly, or on request.
  • Web presence and domain email address. Does your group have a professionally designed website and a domain email address? Avoid Adultwork groups who have neither. Don’t work with groups who respond from personal domains like gmail.
  • Lots of active members with ratings. A dead giveaway of a good group is that they have plenty of members, at least 300, and that most of them have ratings. Groups with few members or members with less than 50 ratings on average are typically targeting new girls to the industry. This is a predatory practice.

How to avoid bad Adultwork groups

Fortunately for us bad Adultwork groups are easy to spot more often than not. Some groups have a reputation that proceeds themselves, however let’s go over red flags in Adultwork groups:

  • Big claims. If you find a group advertising on Twitter or Instagram, they tend to sell you on a glamorous life and reel you in with bold claims like ‘earn up to £10,000 per week’. These are predators relying on you being naive
  • Weekly pay only. There’s no shortage of weekly pay only groups. Adultwork pay weekly, making these groups utterly obsolete. Why receive the default payment but with a chunk of your earnings taken?
  • Buying members. Have you ever been attracted to a group because they offer you referral fees or signup bonuses? There’s a reason why these groups need to ‘buy’ their members so best to stay away.
  • Fees higher than 6%. This is the unofficial industry standard and there’s no reason for groups to charge more other than profiting off their members. Don’t just take a group manager’s word on their fee, either. Below is an example of a group claiming to have the lowest fee, yet looking at their terms you can see it’s almost twice the Club Daily Pay fee.