Streamate is probably the most well known webcam platform on the internet. If you want to work as a camgirl you’ve probably come across Streamate. With millions of visitors per day, Streamate is the biggest cam site available.

Streamate is a pay per minute webcam platform. If you are a webcam girl on Streamate, you will start in free chat. There’s no nudity or explicit content allowed during free chat. That means, shows will only happen in a group or 1 on 1 private chat, and this is how you make money on Streamate.


In order to get started on Streamate, you will need a valid ID, profile picture, and agree to the Streamate user agreement. This is typical in order to both age verify their performers and ensure they understand the nature of the industry.

You will need to wait for Streamate to verify your age and account. But while you wait you can still fill in your Streamate account. This will include your profile text, tags, rates, and block any countries/regions you don’t want to view your profile or chatroom. If you need more extensive help, Streamate have prepared a series of helpful guides and articles to get started and how to make more money. After logging in, you can check out the Streamate Getting Started guides. When it comes to actually streaming and other cam related stuff, there is a Streamate Streaming Guide.


> Premium chat (paid per minute chat that allows multiple customers at once)

> Exclusive chat (paid per minute 1 on 1 chat)

> Receive tips in free chat, premium chat or exclusive chat

> Gold shows (group show for x amount of Dollars)

> Geoblocking (block countries you don’t want to appear in)


> Check through mail – minimum payout of $20, can take upto 6 weeks to arrive depending on your location

> ePayService – minimum of $100 plus additional fees

> Wire Transfer (worldwide, only available to registered business accounts) – $40 processing fee and minimum payout of $225

> Cosmo Pay – $100 minimum You will have to pay the Cosmo card fee, loading fee, withdrawal fee and currency conversion fee

> Daily Pay – £15/€15 minimum directly into your UK or EU bank account through Club Daily Pay – 6% fee


Club Daily Pay offers daily pay on Streamate. Any money you earn today will be transferred into your bank account the next day. If you are a Streamate member outside of the US, our Streamate daily pay service is cheaper and faster than using any other payment method. You can compare our fees against third party payment methods on our Fees Comparison page. We transfer your earnings into your home currency without any currency conversion fees. You only pay our 6% service fee. Do you want to receive daily pay on Streamate? All you have to do is register here and receive your Streamate earnings directly into your bank account daily.