Working on Twero

Working on Twero

Why Work on Twero?

Twero is a European erotic platform. It’s owned by the Islive people, which is Europe’s biggest and most populair webcam platform. The difference between Twero and Islive is that Twero is not just a webcam platform. Being a webcam model on Twero means you have access to so many other additional features that aren’t available on Islive or most other webcam platforms.

It’s not just the features it’s also the experience that’s very different on Twero. It looks like an adult social media platform. Customers can add you their friendslist so they won’t miss any of your updates or new pay-to-view content, they can cam with you and you get great exposure for your profile by making wall posts. You can even reach out to customers by commenting on their profile and wall posts. Oh and you know those hundreds of private message you get (mostly from freeloaders) on other webcam platforms? Twero pays you for every private message you answer! If you treat Twero like an erotic Facebook profile it will be an easy source of income.

How to make money on Twero

Making money on Twero is very easy. All you have to do is create an account, upload your ID and set up your profile. When you’re logged in just go to your “Cashboard” and it shows you all the features you can use and how to use them. It also gives you tips on how to improve your income on Twero. Twero is much more straightforward than other platforms.

Twero has its own currency in the form of credits. You decide how many credits you want to charge for selling your pictures and/or videos. For every private message you answer you receive 0.25 euros. If you also want to work as a webcam girl on Twero you can choose between 3 different kind of chats. The “Party chat” is a token based free chat where you decide how many credits you want to perform. The private chat pays a set rate of 1 euro per minute.

Twero offers free daily pay to its members. All you have to do is contact them on before creating an account and ask them for daily payouts, or you can join Club Daily Pay for free daily pay on Twero. Joining through Club Daily Pay will mean that you receive your daily earnings in your local currency, with no transfer fees, currency conversion fees, or any other fees!

Twero Features

> Webcam chats (Token based or set rate per minute)
> Receive tips (through your profile)
> Sell your pictures
> Sell your videos
> Get paid for answering private messages

Why Club Daily Pay loves Twero

We love Twero because the platform is unique. Because of the social media set up their customers will feel like they really get to connect with their favourite Twero girls so it’s a great way to build up regulars. We also love the fact that Twero pays you for answering your private messages; no more freeloaders! And we haven’t even mentioned that you can use all features (aside from camming) on your smartphone or tablet!

Payments from Twero

When you’ve made 150 euros or more your Twero earnings will be paid out. Payments are once a month and currency conversion and banking fees might apply. If you request daily pay on Twero or join Club Daily Pay on Twero you get paid the next day. Dutch and Belgian Twero members get paid every 10 days.

Twero payment methods

> Directly into your bank (minimum of 150 euros – currency conversion and banking fees might apply)
> Twero Daily Payouts (minimum of 12 euros – no fees to pay – paid into your home currency). Make sure to request daily payouts before creating an account.
> Club Daily Pay (minimum of £10 – no fees to pay – paid into your bank account in your home currency). Make sure to join Club Daily Pay before creating a Twero account.

Daily Payments on Twero

Club Daily Pay offers free daily pay on Twero. Earnings made today will be paid out directly into your bank (and in your home currency) the next day. There are no service fees, no currency conversion fees and no banking fees to pay.

All you have to do is register here to join Club Daily Pay and you will receive free daily payments on Twero. Want daily pay on more platforms? We group them all together into a single payment for you.

What is your experience working on Twero? Please share your experience so other camgirls can read real reviews from real camgirls about Twero.