Working on CamModelDirectory

CamModelDirectory is the largest directory of webcam models offering chat through video chat platforms such as Skype, Kik, and Facetime. Much like SkyPrivate, members can use Cam Model Directory to both arrange pre-booked sessions as well as live performances through the platform. Performers familiar with Adultwork may be especially interested in CamModelDirectory due to their Skype booking function. If you have been with for a while, you may remember that Skype bookings were a lucrative source of income for many models.

Once you have gone through the Cam Model Directory verification process you will be able to enjoy all of their features. Working on CamModelDirectory is super straight forward. They have an extensive FAQ and intuitive website to help their members hit the ground running. Club Daily Pay recommends CamModelDirectory, especially for members who want to take back control for earnings lost through the Adultwork Skype booking removal.

Making Money on CamModelDirectory

As mentioned above, Cam Model Directory uses various video chat platforms. Skype, Kik, and Facetime are the most popular. As well as booking chat sessions through these platforms, CamModelDirectory members also have other options available for making money. For the most part, webcam platforms disallow their members to offer sales through other mediums such as Snapchat. That is not the case with Cam Model Directory. Members can sell access to their Snapchat via the platform, as well as upload and sell pictures and video through CamModelDirectory directly. Personalised content is a popular way of selling videos. Used items, such as clothing and underwear, can also be sold through the platform.

Cam Model Directory offer tiered earnings, which sees the platform’s fee reduce with the more money you make. For the first $500 of the month the platform takes a 25% fee, which drops to 20% for any earnings over $500 for the rest of the month. This fee structure resets every month. Unlike with many other webcam platforms, members won’t be liable for chargebacks under most circumstances.

CamModelDirectory Features

> Chargeback protection unlike with other cam platforms

> Get paid for Skype bookings, Kik, and Facetime

> Sell your pictures, videos, items, and other custom content.

> Sell access to your Snapchat

> Linking to your own personal website is allowed, convert more sales

> The facility fee goes down with the more you earn.

Our CamModelDirectory Daily Pay Service

Joining our CamModelDirectory daily pay service is free. Our minimum payout is just £10, and any earnings made are transferred the following morning. Being paid by Cam Model Directory without our daily pay service means that your payment options will be Paxum, ePayments, direct deposit or check. All of these payment options come with high minimum payments, as well as currency conversion fees and transfer fees. Payments are also made weekly by Cam Model Directory, with a one week arrears. With our CamModelDirectory daily pay service, you pay a small flat fee of 6%, and all other fees are absorbed by Club Daily Pay.