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Comparing XModels and IsLive


If you are looking for alternative cam sites to work on, or you are looking specifically for a site based in the EU, then you have no doubt come across XModels and IsLive. In this article we will compare the features, as well as the pros and cons of each cam site against each other, so you can maximise your earning potential without wasting time.

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What is the best Adultwork group?


Choosing the right Adultwork group can be confusing. There's literally hundreds of them, after all. Each group is managed differently, with different fees, support, payment options, perks, and more. Most groups however are either not real companies or completely mismanaged. Read on to find out how to pick the best Adultwork group.

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Best Way to Get Paid on StripChat in the UK and EU


Whether you are from the UK or EU, you may find that withdrawing your StripChat earnings comes with all sorts of additional fees. Find out the best way to get paid on StripChat while working in the UK or EU. Why wait weeks for your earnings and pay currency conversion fees when you could be paid daily, for less?

Best Way to Get Paid on StripChat in the UK and EU2021-11-06T15:09:58+00:00

How to Set up Direct Cam on Adultwork


Setting up Direct Cam on Adultwork is an important part of getting started in your Adultwork career. Making sure you download, install, and setup JCI (Just Cam It) will be one of the first steps to getting your cam online and making money with DirectCam.

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Get Daily Pay on Chaturbate


Working on Chaturbate, whether you are a new webcam girl or a seasoned veteran, can pose a few issues when getting your money paid out. Chaturbate offers several payment options for members to cash out their earnings. Club Daily Pay is simply the cheapest way to get paid your Chaturbate earnings.

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