“I have worked on Adultwork on and off for over 8 years roughly. And i have been with one group for a long time but mistakes were happening and pay was constantly late and enough was enough.I messaged a few different Adultwork Daily Pay Services and ClubDailyPay is the one i went with. It has been the best decision i have made, the staff are amazing, the responses are so quick, they are beyond helpful. And the best thing that i still can’t get my head around is when i wake up in the morning my pay has already gone in. There is no more waiting around till late afternoon or evening for pay anymore like with my previous group. I could not rate this or put into words how amazing they are here at ClubDailyPay and i can’t thank them enough for the service x x”


“I joined club daily pay quite a while ago as I felt I would benefit from the quicker payouts , I’m generally on cam most days with the occasional day / week off, I’ve had huge success while on Club daily pay I seem to get a great varied group of clients coming to visit me on cam obviously the advertising on there does help and generally do between £70 and £200 a day depending on the length of time I’m online , Excellent customer service very helpful and they answer any query I have very promptly . Club Daily pay is fantastic for those who want money coming in every day it’s in by 9am without fail and I’ve never had an issue with payouts . I would highly recommend them.”


“Words cannot describe how happy I am that I chose Club Daily Pay on Adultwork! I get my earnings so quickly and I know they are there to help whenever I need them! I earned more than I could have imagined in such a short time! Join Club Daily Pay and I guarantee it will be the best thing you ever do! Takes the hassle out of everything! 10 out of 10!!”


“I have been with Club Daily Pay since being very disappointed in another group. I can’t express enough the differences I have found. To have someone who actually gets back to you when you need support and who is also happy to answer anything without making you feel stupid. On top of this the flawlessness of receiving my wages on a daily basis, always before 9am and always spot on is a big weight off my mind. My traffic has increased and I am sure it’s due to the daily advertising that Club Daily Pay do. Thank you everyone x”


“I’ve been with Club daily pay for a while and I can hand on heart say it’s the best I’ve been with and I’ve been in the adult services for around five years. At the beginning I was very nervous as I’ve had scans before but they put my mind to rest fast! You honestly do get paid the next day it’s the best feeling knowing from ten pound made you will get the next day you make you get paid it’s that simple thanks to Clubdailypay I don’t need to worry about paying for food or getting the new shoes I want or even holidays as I can know with ease the amount I make will be there on time no worries! I’m happy to be part of clubdailypay and would recommend to anyone and everyone and I do!! Keep up the great work.”


“I’ve been using Club Daily Pay for around 8 or 9 months and I can honestly attest to it being one of the better decisions I’ve made since entering the world of adult entertainment in 2012. Knowing that I will receive whatever I’ve earned today by 9am tomorrow, often gives me motivation to get online! Especially if an unexpected bill has arrived!! Customer service, and friendliness of the team has never been an issue for me either. Not that I’ve ever really needed it! Everything has gone very smoothly for me so far. In summary, since using Club Daily Pay, I have found it much easier to keep track of my financial situation on a daily basis, have never had any problems whatsoever in receiving my money and am confident they will help me in any unfortunate situation. I’d highly recommended CDP to any model!”

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