Chaturbate is one of the world’s largest webcam websites. More and more webcam models are working on Chaturbate than ever before. Instead of performing in private chats, when you work as a webcam model on Chaturbate you perform in the free and public chatroom. This means instead of getting paid per minute you ask the visitors in your free chatroom for tokens in return for a performance. You will have a group of people watching you and all contributing to a token goal together. If this is something you are comfortable with, the earning potential is high. If you prefer to stay anonymous and/or have a pay to chat feature, Adultwork or Streamate might work better for you.

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When you make money on Chaturbate you get paid in tokens. Every Chaturbate token is worth 0.45 USD. The most common way to make money on Chaturbate is for multiple visitors to all tip towards the same token goal. Chaturbate has a lot of chatroom apps that you can use for yourself. These Chaturbate apps allow you to interact more with your audience by playing adult games that will allow more audience interaction. Any time a game is played it will cost your visitors tokens. Being one of the biggest traffic webcam platforms means that there’s no worry of a shortage of visitors. With millions of unique daily visitors, the earning potential on Chaturbate is high.


> Set your own token goals

> Private shows

> Ticket show and password protected shows

> Charge as many tokens for your show as you like

> Lots of traffic

> Chatroom apps

> Sell pictures and videos through your profile

> Compatible with Club Daily Pay


In order to receive your earnings from Chaturbate you need to make at least $50. Payments from Chaturbate are sent every 14 days, but depending on your chosen payment method it might take longer to process. If you are located in the EU or UK you can only be paid through third party payment providers. The downside to this is that you have to wait even longer to receive your Chaturbate earnings and have to pay multiple fees before you can access or spend your earnings. Fees like currency conversion, loading fees, and more all reduce your take home pay.

Joining Club Daily Pay on Chaturbate means that you get paid your Chaturbate earnings the next day. For just a small flat fee, and just a £15 or 15 euro minimum, our daily pay service will transfer your earnings each day. What’s more, Club Daily Pay can send your earnings in either GBP or EUR so your bank no longer charges you expensive currency conversion fees.


If you want your Chaturbate earnings quicker (the next day, weekly, or on request, the choice is yours) you can join our Chaturbate Daily Pay Service. We pay your Chaturbate earnings directly into your bank account, in your home currency with only a minimum of £10/€10. Existing Chaturbate profiles can be transferred to our Chaturbate daily pay service. Contact us to find out how you can join our Chaturbate studio. Do you work on multiple websites? Just let us know and Club Daily Pay adds all your earnings together into a single larger payment. Our fee is just 6% and in exchange your payments are made daily, and you no longer need to deal with hefty currency conversion or loading fees.