OnlyFans, much like ManyVids and other content sales related websites, allows you to upload and sell your content such as pictures, galleries, and videos. What makes OnlyFans different? Rather than selling all your content individually, you sell the content on your OnlyFans under a subscription model. That means when someone pays the monthly subscription to your Only Fans account, they will have access to ALL your content while their subscription is active. When you go to the OnlyFans sign up page you are asked how many followers you have, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Social Media drives a lot of the Only Fans traffic, and you can even login using your Twitter credentials. That being said we recommend signing up with an email address rather than through Twitter.

Working on OnlyFans


OnlyFans operates on a subscription based system. Content sales platform like ManyVids allow customers to pick and buy whichever content they like. However Only Fans makes all of your content available for a monthly fee. What your monthly fee costs is up to you, but is limited to between $4.99 and $49.99 per month. In the beginning you may want to charge the lower rate and slowly build it up as you accumulate followers and create more content. Your monthly subscription fee can be further supplemented with PPV (pay per view) messages and tips. Of course, the content you upload is completely up to you. OnlyFans is not only used by professional models and adult performers, after all. The available content can be anything from make-up tutorials to cooking videos, and everything in between.


> Subscription based sales.

> Upload videos and pictures

> Paid private messaging

> Tips


There is a $50 minimum required before you can request an OnlyFans payment. When you have requested a payment from Only Fans it will be processed within 5-7 business days. When you work on OnlyFans you will keep 80% of all you make on private messages, tips, and subscriptions. The remaining 20% is held by Onlyfans to cover their hosting and other expenses. Payments are made directly to your bank account however additional fees may apply, especially if you hold a non-US bank account, so expect transfer and currency conversion fees.


Although we do not offer Only Fans daily pay right now, we will soon as their technical tools aren’t available yet. You can still join us on OnlyFans to secure your place among the first OnlyFans daily pay service members. Until then, joining us on OnlyFans will mean you are on their default payment method. Joining Club Daily Pay on OnlyFans will mean that you have access to your money the same or next day, and a minimum of just £10 instead of the usual $50 default minimum. On top of that, Club Daily Pay will ensure that you no longer need to pay any transfer fees, currency conversion fees, or loading fees associated with international payments or third parties like Paxum.

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