What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is the major player around that allows it’s members to monetise their picture and video content. Daily pay on OnlyFans will be the next major improvement! The site began as a way for content creators with a large social media following to charge their Twitter fans for premium content. Although having a Twitter account is a requirement for opening an OnlyFans account, there is no minimum follower count required.

Unlike other similar sites like ManyVids and Qrush, who charge for content on an item by item basis, OnlyFans has a subscription based model. Upload pictures and videos to your OnlyFans profile and visitors will subscribe to you. For a monthly fee that you set yourself, your ‘fans’ will have access to all of your content for as long as they maintain their subscription. Add more content to your OnlyFans profile and your existing subscribers will have instant access to it.

But what sort of pictures and videos do OnlyFans creators upload? It comes as no surprise that the lion’s share of OnlyFans is dominated by adult content. If you are a content creator then you will be glad to here that the OnlyFans userbase is absolutely massive and diverse. Content creators who operate within a niche area of adult entertainment will easily find their stride on OnlyFans. Of course, OnlyFans isn’t exclusively for adult entertainment. Creators and educators can upload content in other areas such as health & fitness, IT tutorials, crafting, lifestyle, and much more.

Getting Set Up on OnlyFans

Getting set up on OnlyFans is simple. As mentioned above, you do need to have a Twitter profile before you can create an OnlyFans profile. Both your Twitter account and your OnlyFans account will be connected. OnlyFans profiles are primarily advertised through Twitter, which explains the connection. What if you don’t have a Twitter account? Not a problem. You can quickly set up a Twitter profile for your online persona. There isn’t a follower count requirement, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed if you don’t yet have a large Twitter following.

How long does it take to get your OnlyFans profile approved? Unfortunately there is no real time estimate. Some performers report that it only took a couple of days for their OnlyFans profile to be approved, some report that it took a few weeks. If it takes more than a couple of days to have your profile approved you can contact the OnlyFans Support via Twitter, and ask them to follow up on your application.

How Do I Get Daily Pay on OnlyFans?

Getting daily pay on OnlyFans is something that we are working hard on behind the scenes. We know that bringing our daily pay service to OnlyFans is something that many of you have been asking for. Unfortunately at the moment the tools don’t exist on OnlyFans to allow us to see our members’ daily breakdown of earnings. Until those tools exist, we continue to come up with secure workarounds. Stay tuned, as we plan on launching daily pay on OnlyFans, ManyVids, and Qrush soon.

Sign up on OnlyFans

Sign up on OnlyFans today. Setting up an OnlyFans profile is easy. Please bear in mind that you will need a Twitter profile first, as it is part of the registration process. Sign up on OnlyFans via the button below to be amongst the first OnlyFans creators to receive daily pay when our service goes live. Until then, you can still use their manual, weekly, or monthly default payment methods.