Why use Daily Pay on Adultwork?

Unlike other cam sites such as Streamate or Chaturbate, Adultwork doesn’t show your earnings in dollars or even your local currency. Adultwork will show your earnings in credits, which is the currency of the site. What a credit represents is £1 spent by a customer before any Adultwork fees are applied. So you may see 100 credits sitting in your account but that doesn’t mean you will be paid £100. Indeed, if you are an independent member (a member who is not in a group) there are additional restrictions such as minimum payouts and wait periods. This blog post will assume that you have joined the Adultwork group Club Daily Pay, and will serve as a sort of primer to help you understand how our daily pay service works on Adultwork.

How Does Daily Pay on Adultwork Work?

Over the years we have built up a series of help articles which covers most of the sites we offer daily pay on. That does mean that some of the information can be found all over the place, so this article tries to collate all the information relevant to someone who is new to our daily pay group on Adultwork. If you are a new member to Club Daily Pay, or a new Adultwork member, we advise you to read this article from start to finish, including any pages linked.

How often do I get paid? Members of our daily pay group are paid daily by default. There is no need to manually request payments, credits will be automatically paid each morning, subject to a £15 minimum.

What other payment methods do you offer? We offer daily pay by default, as well as weekly pay and instant pay.

I’m on Instant Pay, how do I request a payment? You can request an instant payment filling in our Pay on Request form. Payment requests received before 3pm on weekdays will be transferred same day. Payments after 3pm or on weekends will be processed the next day.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a new member to Adultwork and/or have no ratings, you will be placed on pay on request by default. If your activity is also limited then you may be placed on pay on request. Members who habitually overspend on featuring or often have a balance of below zero may be placed on pay on request without prior notice.

How does Instant Pay work? Requests need to be made as specified above. Please note that requests made before 3pm are made same day (usually instantly). If the request comes after 3pm or weekends then funds are transferred the following morning. Credits need to be available to withdraw before they are transferred, which is usually 24 hours after they enter your Adultwork account. You can see when credits become available via your Credit History page on Adultwork.

I’m on daily pay, how do I work out my earnings? We have a blog article called How to Calculate Daily Pay on Adultwork. This article includes a step by step guide and picture examples to help you track your own earnings.

I’m on weekly pay, how do I work out my earnings? On your chosen payout day (normally Tuesday), we will withdraw any credits available. This will be the amount forwarded to you. Please remember that credits need to be in your account for 24 hours before they can be withdrawn.

Do you offer a Whatsapp group? No, we don’t operate a Whatsapp group as it would breach our GDPR commitments. However, members can chat with and receive support from other webcam performers and content creators via the independent Cam Girl Forum.

Can I change my payout system? Please be aware that daily pay works a little differently from weekly pay and pay on request. With weekly pay and pay on request we will transfer out any credits currently available to withdraw, and only pay those withdrawn credits. As daily pay is different from week and pay on request, we ask that members choose one system. We also do not allow daily pay members to make ‘one off’ switches to other payment systems.

Do you pay out Adultwork Tips? Yes, tips are paid out normally. Please note, however, that Adultwork Tips are distinct from Adult Vouchers. We will not pay out Adultwork Vouchers as, unlike tips, they cannot be withdrawn from Adultwork.

What’s the difference between the Credits Turnover and Credits History pages? The Credits History page is the only page you should use. The Credits Turnover page is highly inaccurate for reasons explained in our blog, Credits History and Credits Turnover on Adultwork. Club Daily Pay is the only Adultwork group to take earnings data from the Credits History page, meaning members of other groups are likely being repeatedly underpaid every day.

Can I spend credits on featuring? Yes, but please do bear in mind that you will likely be spending credits that have already been paid to you. As previously mentioned, credits are left to build up in your account all week. Why does this matter? For example, if you make 100 credits, we pay that the following morning. Assume the next day that you spend 50 credits on featuring, that now means that we have paid you 100 credits but there are only 50 credits available for us to withdraw, meaning your balance is (negative) -50 credits. This is obviously an extreme example but it does happen, so please bear in mind that featuring costs are deducted from a future payment.

What is the fee? Our daily pay fee is just 6%, whereas most groups charge between 10 and 20%.

What is the cutoff time for daily pay? Anything made upto midnight is paid out the following morning, subject to the minimum payout.

When do I get paid? Payments are made before 9am.

How do I change my details? You will need to communicate any detail changes to us via email. Detail changes can include, but are not limited to, your username, contact details, payment details, or any other details we need to operate our service. Please note that any non-communication regarding change of details will result in payment delays until we have been notified.

I was paid but my credits weren’t taken. As explained in the linked article above, How to Calculate Daily Pay on Adultwork, we only withdraw credits from our daily pay members once per week (Tuesday evenings). This is because credits need to be in your Adultwork account for 24 hours before they can be withdrawn. As you can see, it is impossible to withdraw the credits everyday as we are locked outside of the 24 hour window.

My credits were taken but I wasn’t paid. As mentioned above, credits are withdrawn every Tuesday evening. Credits have been building up in your account all week. For example, if you worked on Wednesday, you would be paid on Thursday morning. Those credits will sit there all week. When we withdraw them the next Tuesday we are withdrawing credits we have already paid.

I haven’t made enough credits to be paid but they were withdrawn. Credits are withdrawn from the group every Tuesday evening regardless of balance. If you haven’t yet reached the minimum payout, the credits withdrawal won’t affect that. The withdrawn credits are securely held until you reach the minimum. The Club Daily Pay accounts software is connected to Adultwork via an API, meaning we are correctly tracking your earnings.

I’m on daily pay and my credits were withdrawn on a different day. As we normally only withdraw credits on Tuesday, this creates a situation where a member could be paid and they then spend credits on featuring to the point that all or most of the credits paid out are being spent. We reserve the right to withdraw credits at any time to prevent this.

Can I leave the group? Of course, you can leave the group anytime via a Leave Request. We will settle any pending balance before removing you from the group, as well as seek to withdraw any credits already paid.

Can I delete my profile? Yes, you can delete your Adultwork profile. However, as per our terms & conditions, you will need to give us prior notice. This is to give us ample time to remove any credits already paid to you from your profile. Too often this isn’t respected, in which case we will have Adultwork reactivate your account so that the credits can be retrieved.

How do I contact you? We respond same day via support@clubdailypay.com. We receive dozens of spam emails through the Adultwork messaging system daily, and as a result we do not check our Adultwork Inbox.

How Do I Join Daily Pay on Adultwork?

Hopefully any questions you may have were answered above. If not, we will be updating this page as new frequently asked questions pop up. If you are a member of Adultwork (or any other site we offer our Daily Pay service on) and want to access your earnings faster, then why not Join Club Daily Pay? Lower payment minimums, faster access to your earnings, and free daily group featuring is just some of the advantages that we offer.