What is Adultwork Daily Pay

Adultwork daily pay is a way of getting your Adultwork credits paid fast. Normally there is a 150 credit minimum required to request a payment from Adultwork, and a further 2-3 week wait for the transfer. Joining a daily pay service like Club Daily Pay means you get your Adultwork credits paid the next day. Club Daily Pay offers our daily pay service on many websites which you can find here, but this blog post will focus on Adultwork only. Most of our partner websites like Streamate and Chaturbate offer a simple ‘what you see is what you get’ way of showing your earnings. However with Adultwork their credits system is a bit more complicated. Today we will explain exactly how Adult Work daily pay works.

Join daily pay on Adultwork

If you are in need of a Adultwork daily pay service, Club Daily Pay is open to new members. What can Club Daily Pay offer you on Adultwork? Faster payments, super quick support, and the smallest fee around. Are you already in an Adultwork group? Switching to Club Daily Pay is quick and easy, submitting a Leave Request to your current Adultwork group manager is the quickest method. Only Club Daily Pay accurately calculates your credits, similar services are charging you hidden fees or overcharging on their displayed fee. If you are in another Adultwork group, find out why you are likely being overcharged here.

Adultwork Daily pay explained

So now you have joined Club Daily Pay on Adultwork, but how does daily pay work exactly? Every Adultwork credit made from midnight to midnight will be paid the following morning. If you join our Adultwork daily pay group already with credits in your account then they will be included in your first payment. Normally credits need to be on your Adultwork account for 24 hours before they can be withdrawn, so how do we deal with that? We only withdraw credits once per week, on Tuesday evenings, from the whole group. It will be normal to see your credits build up in your account the whole week even if some (or all) of those credits have already been paid. So how do you keep track of your earnings? You calculate your Adultwork earnings by following our visual guide here.

That does mean that credits will be left on your account for a while before we withdraw them, even if we have already paid them. If you spend any credits (on featuring, for example) after you have received a payment, then any negative balance will need to be cleared before payments resume. For example, day one you earn 100 credits which we pay, day two you spend 10 credits without working, then day three you make another 100 credits. For the third day you will be paid 90 credits as you spent 10 credits that had already been paid to you.

As we mentioned, credits need to be in your account for 24 hours before we can withdraw them. In some cases on Tuesday evenings when we withdraw group credits, it may be possible that not all credits can be deducted. For this reason it is possible that we can’t withdraw all credits that we have already paid to you. Members are encouraged to ignore the total credits in their account and stick with the Credits History tracking method.

Are there more Adultwork payment options?

Club Daily Pay offers several payment methods on Adultwork. Our members can choose from daily pay, weekly pay, and our exclusive instant pay. Look out for future blog posts which will explain Adultwork weekly pay and Adultwork instant pay in more detail. Adultwork members can join our daily pay group now for a more flexible payment service.