Adultwork credits are normally paid out by Adultwork. This payout is subject to a minimum of 150 credits and then around a 3 week wait before the transfer to your account (or other chosen payment method) is complete. For a full look at how the Adult Work credits actually work you check out our Adultwork Credits blog post here.

Joining our Adultwork daily pay service means that Club Daily Pay, a payment processor for adult workers and content creators, will be responsible for paying out your adult work earnings. We provide a more flexible solution to getting instant access to the credits that you worked for. Club Daily Pay also drops the minimum payout from 150 credits down to just £10 and payments are made either same day or the following morning.


Calculating your Adult work credits can be done in a few ways, however some methods are more accurate than others (more on that later). The most straightforward way to calculate daily pay is by going to your Credits History page. The Adultwork Credits History page will give you a complete breakdown of every single credit going in and out of your account. No other page will give you such a comprehensive breakdown.

Calculate your Adult work daily pay earnings by starting with your Credits History page. We will use a real example below (with the member’s permission). As the Credits History page already includes all deductions such as featuring costs and JCI (Just Cam It, the camming software) facility fees, all we need to do is a very quick, straightforward deduction then percentage calculation.

Here is the example:

Adultwork daily pay example


As you can see, we have credits from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of July. We want to calculate how much we made on the 2nd of July, so we simply take the total number of credits we have in our account at the end of the day on the 2nd (see figure 1, 109.17 credits) and deduct that number from the total credits we had in the account at the end of the previous day (see figure 2, 42.27 credits) and then check 64% of that number leaving us with £42.81 (30% goes to Adultwork, 6% for daily pay processing fee).

In simple terms the formula is:

Total credits from Day – total credits from previous day * 64%.

Important Note. It’s important to note that we will only withdraw the credits once per week, so those credits will build up everyday in your profile until we withdraw them. For this reason the number of credits in your account have no bearing on your due payment. The only method you should use to calculate when your payments are due is by using the above Credits History calculation.


Weekly pay on Adultwork is also a payment option that we offer, as well as instant pay. We offer daily pay by default but if you would rather have your earnings paid out weekly or pay on request then that is a payment option that we can offer you. If you would rather choose one of these two payment methods then your credits will be withdrawn when you request a payment (if you request instant pay) or the morning that your payment is due (if you request weekly pay). The same percentage will apply as with our daily pay service, the main difference will be that you no longer need to track your daily earnings via your Credits History, we will simply pay the credits that were available to transfer.


The Adultwork Credits Report page, or Credits Turnover page, is sometimes used by members to calculate their earnings. These pages are highly inaccurate as they do not account for a range of incomings and outgoings such as featuring costs, JCI facility fees, manual escrow, SMS, and more. Whats more is that most members (and even other groups who use the Credits Turnover page) improperly apply the JCI fee to the credits earned, meaning that you will not be accurately calculating your earnings which will cause problems when it comes to creating a budget or paying your yearly taxes. If you are part of a group that uses the Credits Turnover page then will are overcharging you by improperly applying fees, meaning that you are losing out on money that you have earned due to poor practices on your group manager’s part.


Joining Club Daily Pay on Adult work is quick and easy, and you could even have your Adultwork credits paid out to you on the same day. We pay an average of at least £2 more per 100 credits than other similar daily pay groups on Adult work. Join our daily pay service by filling in the registration form here and you will be a member of our community the same day.

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