What are Adultwork credits worth? When you work on Adultwork you will earn “credits”; this is the currency of the website. The most common misunderstanding is that 1 Adultwork credit equals £1. This is not completely true. Customers buy Adultwork credits at a rate of 1 credit for £1. When you want to cash out your Adultwork credits it changes a little. So what is the Adultwork fee? When you want to get paid from Adultwork, you will need to pay a 30% admin fee on all your credits. This means, when you get a payment from Adultwork, 1 credit will equal 70 pence.


Adultwork needs to turn a profit in order to keep the website running. Adultwork take an administration fee (30% admin fee) from your credits, no matter how the credits were made. An Adultwork admin fee of 30% is standard. If you offer webcam services then JCI (Just Cam It), the software used to run Direct Cam on Adultwork, will take an additional 5% fee from your credits. The Just Cam It fee is applied to your credits before they enter your account. If you look at your Adultwork Credits History page you will see that the JCI fee is deducted automatically. More info on the Adultwork Credits History page can be found here. As of 1st October 2018 there are no more VAT charges on the Adultwork admin fee.


In order to calculate how much money you made on Adultwork visit your credit activity page here. This page shows you how many credits came into your account through picture sales, bookings, webcam etc. It will also show you any deductions on your account from purchases, featuring, escrow etc. If you use JCI (direct cam) you will notice that the JCI fee automatically takes out 5% from your total credits balance. This means that the only fees left to pay are the following:

Adultwork fee – 30%

So for every credit in your account, you take home 70 pence.

We have a visual guide to calculating your Adultwork earnings on our blog post here, titled “How to calculate Daily Pay on Adultwork“.


You now made money on Adultwork and you want to withdraw them to your bank. How do you withdraw your Adultwork credits? First you will go to your Adultwork Transfer Request Page. You will be presented with several options, such as direct bank transfer, cash pick up at the Post Office, Paxum etc. There are some requirements, however. Before you can withdraw your Adultwork credits, you will need to have at least 150 credits in your account available to withdraw. Adultwork credits need to be in your account for at least 24 hours before they are available to withdraw. From the point of request, it will then take between 2 and 3 weeks before the money is transferred to your account.


You don’t have to wait almost 3 weeks for your Adultwork earnings. If you want your Adultwork earnings in your bank account the next day before 9am, with a minimum of just £15, all you have to do is join the Club Daily Pay service on Adultwork. Members of our Daily Pay Service on Adultwork no longer need to wait 3 weeks for Adultwork payments. Our daily pay fee on Adultwork is just 6%, and you will get your Adultwork earnings the next morning. Club Daily Pay offers the fastest daily pay service on Adultwork. Just have a look at what our members have to say about us. If you want everyday to be payday, you can join us here. With our free daily group featuring, you will gain additional traffic and customers.