How to Contact Adultwork

Contacting Adultwork isn’t made obvious on the website. There’s no Adultwork contact form, no contact page, and no other simple method for getting in touch with Adultwork. What Adultwork do offer instead, is an extensive Help section. As you might expect, Adultwork has to deal with countless support emails everyday. The Adultwork Help section is designed to answer all of the most commonly asked questions so that a real support staffer doesn’t need to contact you. But what if you have a question that isn’t answered by the Adultwork Help section?

There are three ways of contacting Adultwork, but if you’re new to the site then they might appear to be tucked away and hidden. The three ways of emailing Adultwork are as follows.

Adultwork Help Centre

The Adultwork Help Centre is a big collection of helpful articles which will explain almost everything to do with the site. If you have any problems with Adultwork, there is probably a help article to be found here. On the main Adultwork help page you will find listed all the most commonly asked questions, as well as a list of the most recent updates. If the answer to your question isn’t here then the search bar will be the next place to go. For instance, if you want to find out how to set up JCI (JustCamIt), type ‘set up JCI’ into the search bar and you will get a pop-up page like this:

Adultwork Help

Adultwork Help Centre

While we’re on the topic, if you need help getting started with JustCamIt you can refer to our ‘How to download and install JustCamIt‘ blog article.

Adultwork Live Chat

The Adultwork Live Chat is the quickest way of contacting Adultwork but is also the most limited. Adultwork live support is available Monday to Friday, from 9am – 5pm. You will no doubt find the Adultwork live chat team really helpful, and any issues that you have are likely to be resolve there and then. This can be found through the Adultwork Help page, with a pop up window appearing in the bottom of your screen if you navigate to the page during the listed available hours.

Adultwork Members Form

If you have something of a complex issue, or you need to submit proof of anything to Adultwork, such as a screenshot of an issue, the Adultwork members form is the best way to do it. The link to the Adultwork contact form can be found here.

Need more personal help with Adultwork?

If you are an Adultwork member who requires more frequent or personalised help, joining the Club Daily Pay group on Adultwork is the easiest way of ensuring that you have quick access to help. Our Club Daily Pay service is available every single day, meaning you can get a reply within the hour, everyday!