If you work as a webcam model in the UK you probably have a profile on Adultwork. It’s the biggest UK webcam platform and one of the easiest websites to make money as a webcam model. The key to making money on Adultwork is to have a good profile. If you don’t have an Adultwork profile you can read about Working on Adultwork. We’ve created a checklist with lots of tips and tricks so you can create a successful Adultwork profile.

Username: Pick a username that stands out and that’s easy to remember. Your customers won’t be able to find you again if they can’t remember your username. As you can imagine “NaughtyBlondeLinda” is much easier to remember than “Blonde_girl_89375”

Profile text: Write a good profile text, something that is engaging. This is where you can sell yourself. What makes you better or naughtier than all other online girls? Don’t forget to tick the “enjoys” list on the “personal details” page.

Location: Pick a big city to be located in. Adultwork customers love talking to “local” girls rather than girls on the other side of the country, even if you don’t even offer meetings. Noticed it’s getting quiet? Change your profile location and you’ll see that you get lots of new guys in your chat room from that area.

Profile pictures: Upload 3 good quality profile pictures. Selfie style pictures seem to attract more traffic than professional pictures.

If you don’t mind showing your face make your main profile picture a picture that shows your face.

Pro tip: The best main profile picture is a picture of your face showing a little bit of cleavage. This is because on the page with online girls Adultwork only shows a thumbnail (a much smaller version) of your profile picture. If you use a full body picture as your main profile picture it would be very hard to read and your profile won’t stand out in a crowd with literally hundreds of other online girls.

Adultwork interview: Fill in as many of the Adultwork interview questions as you can. This will help the Adultwork search function to list your profile when guys are searching for a certain type of girl. The answers of course don’t have to be true, but they do have to match your webcam persona. Don’t use one word answers, that’s boring and just shows that you aren’t putting any effort in.


Private gallery: Cam isn’t the only way to make money on Adultwork. You can also make money from content sales on Adultwork. Creating a private gallery is a great way of making some extra money. You’ll even have sales when you’re not online. The more pictures you upload to your private gallery the more sales you will get. Not been getting any sales lately? Then it’s probably time to add some new pictures.

Picture titles: It’s important to give your private gallery pictures naughty titles. Use the description box to give a naughty description of the picture. Instead of saying “me naked in bed” say “naked in bed playing with myself for you”. The naughty titles are all the guys can see before buying access to your private gallery so it’s the perfect teaser to make them buy access to your pictures. It really makes all the difference! Does a picture show your face? Don’t forget to tick the box.

Pro tip: Don’t upload all your new content at once. Just upload a few a day. Everyday you upload new content to your private gallery your profile and content get listed on the “pictures” section on Adultwork. So if you spread your content over a few days you’ll get a bigger traffic boost.

Public gallery: Adding nudes to your public gallery will have a negative effect on your private gallery sales. Why would anyone pay for your private pictures when you go nude in your public gallery?

Movies: Movies are also a great way to make money on Adultwork. Short videos between 30 and 90 seconds seem to be most popular.

Pro tip: Got a new movie to upload? Take a good quality screenshot of it and add that screenshot to your private gallery. Make the title “teaser of my new video -videonamehere-.

Pro tip 2: Put a line on top of your profile text to help you sell more videos and/or pictures. “New pictures uploaded to my private gallery every week” or “I just uploaded a new video to my movie tab!” or maybe even “Only today: all my pictures for x amount of credits”.

The pictures and videos you sell on Adultwork don’t have to be exclusive to Adultwork (your three profile pictures do, though!). That means you can upload content you already have listed for sale on other websites or upload your Adultwork content to other websites.


The Adultwork customers are used to paying premium rates for Direct Chat, Direct Cam and for Skype bookings through Adultwork. They really don’t mind paying at least 1.60 credits per minute and most of them think 3 credits per minute for a private chat is a fair price. If it’s a bit more quiet than normal go through the checklist above rather than lowering your rates. Maybe changing your profile picture will make all the difference or perhaps updating your profile text. Or maybe it’s just a very quiet day, they happen every now and then. Don’t be discouraged! When traffic dips some Adultwork members tend to panic and lower their rates.


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