Setting up DirectCam on Adultwork

If you are starting from scratch with Directcam on Adultwork then you should check out our blog, How to set up Directcam on Adultwork. Our blog there will explain all the basics of downloading and setting up directcam if you want to offer webcam services on Adultwork. If you already have direct cam installed and ready to go you might then instead be confused about what to do now. Direct cam has plenty of settings that can be adjusted to either boost (or hinder) your earning potential on Adultwork. Here we will explain what some of the most useful directcam settings are and what they do.

Adjusting your Direct Cam Settings

The direct cam settings window can be seen below. As you can see, we have numbered each of the most useful settings to take a look at. Some directcam settings can be adjusted at your discretion, some can be left alone, and some must be set a certain way. As a result, you can fully customise your cam experience.

Adultwork DirectCam Settings

DirectCam settings overview:

  1. Free guest preview. This is entirely optional, many performers uncheck this box so their chat room becomes paid only. Some members enable ‘free chat’ for a short time to drum up interest in their profile before going back to paid only, potentially leading opening yourself to repeat customers.
  2. Group chat rates. This is where you can set your price for group chat. You can have up to 10 customers in your group chat simultaneously, therefore potentially the most lucrative option.
  3. Private chat rates. This is where you can set your price for private chat. As the name suggests, private is a one to one chat, so you can get away with increasing your price here. An incentive many members offer in private chat is that the customer can turn on their cam/mic for a more personal experience, afterall, isn’t that what your customers are looking for?
  4. Text to chat (Direct Instant Messaging, or DirectIM). This is a non-cam, non-audio chat with a customer, just like the AOL/MSN chatrooms of old. Typically rates for DirectIM are lower than your Group chat rates.
  5. Enable audio. Here you can enable or disable your audio for certain chat types. Many members only enable audio in Private, but many see returns by enabling audio is group also, especially if they can hold multiple customers in the chat.
  6. Show my Live Thumbnails. This is where you can choose to have either a still image of your cam feed, or a live stream of your feed set as your thumbnail. Most importantly, your thumbnail will show up in search results on Adultwork.
  7. Direct Cam Strapline and category. You can set your category here ( for instance teens, 20’s, MILFs etc). You must choose the category that best suits you and your niche. A strapline is a short description of you and your room.
  8. Manage Login Tweets. You are a business as much as you are a performer, therefore you have to market yourself if you want to stay ahead. Connecting your Twitter to your Adultwork profile will allow you to set up auto-Tweets for when you finish a long chat, sell gallery content, and more.
  9. Special Offers. If you have a customer who has a specific request, such as a fetish request, you can create a special offer here along with the price you want to charge for it.

Hopefully that should explain how to optimise your direct cam setting on Adultwork. There is some strategy involved when it comes to properly setting up your profile and cam settings. Members who fill a niche category (findom, for instance) will have different directcam setting needs and requirements compared to a performer in a different category (teens or 20’s, for instance).

In a future blog article we will discuss a more in depth advertising strategy for selling yourself, because in this industry you are as much a business person as you are a performer. We have interviews, tutorials, and other helpful articles planned for the future where we pick the brains of some of our members to help find out what makes them so successful in their field.

Additional Help with DirectCam or Adultwork

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