OnlyFans to ban explicit content

The news broke yesterday that content sales favourite OnlyFans will no longer allow explicit content to be hosted on their site from October 1st. Although OnlyFans caters to much more than just the adult market, it’s clear that the meat of their $12 billion annual revenue is adult related.

Content creators will certainly bear the brunt of this change in policy as the OnlyFans subscription model is (was) the dominating force in the content sales industry. News outlet Axios recently got a hold of internal OnlyFans figures which seems to suggest that over 16,000 content creators make at least $50,000 annual through OnlyFans alone. Forums such Stripper Web and Cam Girl Circle are already buzzing with what this could mean for content creators personally, and for the industry as a whole. One thing is clear, the change will affect the earning potential of thousands of content creators.

Why is OnlyFans Changing?

There is much speculation floating around regarding OnlyFan’s sudden change in policy. It seems crazy to most that OnlyFans would cut out what is no doubt the bulk of their revenue stream.

As it turns out, OnlyFans may not have had a choice in the matter. Beholden to the whims of the banks, OnlyFans have had to pull the plug on hosting explicit content thanks to pressure from payment processors. Banks and payment processors have begun expressing concern over the content that many industry sites are hosting, and are exercising a real lack of risk tolerance when it comes to the adult industry.

It is important to note, however, that there is no blanket ban over pornography hosted and sold through OnlyFans. The platform has been careful to mention ‘explicit’ content. What exactly they consider to be explicit will become more clear over the next few weeks, but as it stands, many content creators will still be able to generate some form of revenue through Only Fans.

What are OnlyFans Alternatives?

Both existing and prospective OnlyFans creators are likely to be on the look out for OnlyFans alternatives. The good news is that there are indeed plenty of alternatives to choose from, whether you are looking for a subscription based alternative or clip sites.

Subscription alternatives is a UK based content sales website that you can get started on in just a few minutes. Registration is super quick and straightforward. Although is a UK company, they accept content creators from all over the world. Sell subscriptions to your content just like OnlyFans, get paid for replying to messages, voice notes, and additional premium content. All in all, Admireme is a great alternative to Onlyfans.

FanCentro is another great alternative to OnlyFans. Just like Admireme, the registration process is quick and simple, as anyone who has registered on OnlyFans can tell you, getting verified there is an uphill battle. Earn money on FanCentro with subscriptions to your Fan Club, social media subscriptions, selling individual videos, and more. If you have a SFW (safe for work, i.e. non-nude) profile picture you can even take advantage of the FanCentro Traffic Booster!

LoyalFans will probably feel more familiar to content creators already accustomed to OnlyFans. LoyalFans is a great alternative to OnlyFans as it follows the same sort of subscription model. There are additional money making features such as video calling, direct messaging, and live broadcasting.

Clip site alternatives

ManyVids is one of the main clip sites (selling individual items rather than making all your content available for a subscription fee). For your first 30 days on ManyVids you will receive newcomer status, meaning you receive additional promotion from the site. Earn money on ManyVids through selling videos, custom content, tributes, texting, phone chat, and more.

Clips4Sale registration requires that you upload 5 pieces of content to get the ball rolling. You will likely find that most of your potential customers here are looking to fulfill certain kinks (i.e. get your fetish content ready). You can earn on Clips4Sale much the same way as you can on ManyVids. One of the main selling points for Clips4Sale is that custom content is a 100% payout. What other sites can compete with that?

ModelHub is the content sales wing of PornHub, needless to say they have some serious advertising power behind them. This one is also a bit different. You get paid by running ads on your content. A common way of maximising your earning potential here is split your videos up into approximately 2 minute clips. More clips means more videos, more videos means more ads. You can also sell your videos here or offer up subscriptions to your entire library.