Making a Pay Request

Before you can make a valid payment request please read and understand the following:

  • Same day payments are processed between 9 am and 3 pm weekdays. Requests made outside these hours or on weekends are processed the following morning. Please Note: From now until January 2nd all requests will be held and transferred at 3pm.

  • You have checked your Credits History page and have at least £15 ‘available for transfer now’.

  • If the withdrawn amount is less than £15 it will not be transferred, and will instead be held until your next valid pay request.
  • This form is for members on pay on request only. Requests from members on daily or weekly pay will be ignored.

  • If you made a previous request where credits were withdrawn but did not meet the minimum, please remind us with your new cash-out request.

  • All of the details you have given us will be accurate, including (if applicable) the account holder name if it differs from your name.