Working on SkyPrivate

SkyPrivate has been around for a little while now. The platform has been gaining popularity in recent years. If you are familiar with, then you will know that they removed their Skype bookings facility recently. Adultwork removing the Skype facility represented a huge financial blow to a lot of members.

SkyPrivate allows members to continue earning through Skype bookings and Skype shows. The platform has its own software that you can download to your Windows or Mac OS computer. Through this software, your Skype account becomes your very own pay per minute webcam platform. You can use SkyPrivate alongside other cam platforms by using the splitcam method. There are a range of features available which makes it a highly flexible way of getting back income you lost from bookings, or if you just want another income source.

Making Money on SkyPrivate

As expected, SkyPrivate uses Skype as a medium to create your very own personal pay per minute platform. SkyPrivate offers a lot of the same features that many other platforms offer. If you are familiar with Adultwork then SkyPrivate will come naturally to you. Live shows similar to other cam platforms make up a big proportion of the income on SkyPrivate, as members can browse currently available performers and come into your room just like with Streamate or Adultwork. Performer can also offer pre-booked Skype shows for a specific time and price. Want more? Just like Adultwork and content sales websites, you can sell your own content via SkyPrivate including used (i.e. worn) items, pictures, and videos. If your visitors are feeling generous they can also leave you tips. All members keep at least 75% of their earnings, making SkyPrivate one of the highest paying platforms around.

SkyPrivate Features

> Custom rates per client, give your special clients a special rate.

> Apply bans to specific countries

> SkyPrivate encrypts your Skype ID to keep it safe

> Chargeback protection unlike with other cam platforms

> Get paid for both Skype bookings and live shows

> Sell your pictures, videos, items, and other custom content.

> Offer voice only calls

Our SkyPrivate Daily Pay Service

Joining our SkyPrivate daily pay service is free. Our minimum payout is just £15 (or 15 euros), as opposed to the $100 Sky Private minimum. Sky Private payments can be grouped together and paid out alongside any earnings you make on other platforms if you are a Club Daily Pay member. Default SkyPrivate payment methods are very limited for UK members, and will be subject to both transfer and currency conversion fees. If you are a EU or US member then there are SEPA and ACH options available. So if you are a UK member, joining our Sky Private daily pay service is much cheaper that being paid via SkyPrivate directly.