Working on Streamate

Streamate is probably the biggest and most popular webcam platform world wide. With millions of unique, registered and potential clients visiting the website every day there are always lots of visitors looking for someone to spend their money on. Streamate uses free chat. This means visitors get a free preview but have to take you to the pay per minute chatroom if they want more than that. How much you charge per minute is completely up to you. Some people are very good with converting free viewers to paid viewers (or just need a little practice), others do better or are more comfortable on a pay-to-view website without free chat such as Adultwork. However, out of all websites that use the free chat feature, Streamate is probably the easiest one to convert your free visitors into paying visitors.

Making Money on Streamate

Working as a webcam model on Streamate means you earn money when visitors take you to a group or private chat. Because Streamate has so much traffic you'll notice it's never quiet. You can login anytime of the day and there are guys to spend money on you. While you are in your free chat, visitors can also send you tips. Another great thing about Streamate is that it's very common to charge high per minute rates. Most webcam performers charge $4.99 per minute or more. Streamate charges a 65% commision. This sounds quite high compared to other websites, but let's not forget that they have crazy amounts of visitors and high per minute rates. When you charge $4.99 per minute you still get $1.74 per minute - per visitor.

Streamate Features

> No nudity required in free chat
> Paid group chats
> Paid private chats
> Receive tips in free chat
> LOTS of traffic
> Compatible with Club Daily Pay

Streamate Payments

So, you've worked and made money on Streamate. If you have reached the $100 minimum payout, Streamate will send your earnings 21 days later. If you are not located in the US you can only get paid through Cosmo Pay or Paxum (an online bank account). It takes an additional 2 - 3 days to receive your Paxum fund loading email and you will have to pay lots of fees to access your earnings. This includes a loading fee, currency conversion fee, 3.5% ATM withdrawal fee and often a fee from the ATM you use, all before you even get to touch your Streamate earnings.

Our Streamate Daily Pay Service

If you want your Streamate earnings quicker (the next day, weekly or on request) and directly into your bank account you can join our Streamate daily pay service. Club Daily Pay transfers your Streamate earnings directly into your EU or UK bank account and in your home currency. Would you rather receive your earnings weekly or on request? Just let us know. Our fee is just 6%.