Terms & Conditions

The Agreement

1.1 Club Daily Pay (CDP) is a payment processor for various cam, phone, and content sales websites and their respective members. The websites will be simply referred to as “the platforms”. By joining Club Daily Pay the member agrees with the Club Daily Pay terms of use, as well as the terms and conditions of any platforms they may be a member of. These terms represent a binding legal contract, and all members who use the CDP service are bound to it.

1.1.1 members (members) will receive payments from CDP directly instead of the platforms at an agreed upon interval, e.g. daily, weekly, or on demand.

1.1.2 By joining Club Daily Pay, earnings that are made on the platforms will be transferred to the member’s bank account the next day (unless otherwise agreed) for a 6% base fee. CDP may be able to offer free transfers from certain platforms, if this is the case then it will be stated on the relevant platform page on the CDP website. There is minimum payout threshold.

1.1.3 Should a member member make use of our Instant Pay service, any requests for a payment must be made before 3pm. Any requests made after 3pm, or at the weekend, will not be processed until the following morning.

1.2 By being a member of Club Daily Pay, both parties are mutually bound by the terms and conditions laid out.

1.3 CDP and the member enter this agreement in good faith. That means that both parties will follow the terms as best to their abilities, with no attempt to break, abuse, or willfully misinterpret any of the agreements laid out.

Member’s Rights and Obligations

2.1 Any applications by a member to join CDP must be completed with 7 days upon receipt of the registration. Non completion of the registration within those 7 days will result in the member’s application being discarded, along with any details or documents provided.

2.2 While a member of CDP, members are still bound by the terms and conditions of any and all platforms they operate on. Failure to do so may lead to the member’s expulsion from CDP.

2.3 The member will recognise that CDP is not the employer of the member.

2.4 Any refunds or funds held in escrow incurred through a platform will be the responsibilty of the member. In some instances this may lead to a negative balance.

2.5.1  It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that all details provided to CDP are accurate and upto date, including, but not limited to, any and all details required to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC), username(s) as well as any bank details required to make transfers. Giving wrong payment details may lead to payments being transferred to the wrong account. Club Daily Pay can not be held responsible for any missed or delayed payments due to receiving the wrong payment details. If the member has provided us with incorrect details, we will not make a repayment to the member’s account for the missing funds if the funds do not bounce back. If the member changes any details without notifying CDP, such as an online username that would help CDP identify that member, then CDP cannot be held responsible for any delayed payments.

2.5.2 Any changes in details, such as but not limited to, name, bank details, usernames, email addresses, must be immediately communicated to CDP.

2.6 Club Daily Pay only handles payments. This means members are 100% in control of their profile and have 100% ownership of their profile. Profile information is only used to process payments. Club Daily Pay will never give any third parties access to members profiles, personal, or profile information, unless compelled by law.

2.6.1 In some instances the member’s bank may charge a fee to receive payments. Although not all banks will process a charge, this will be outwith CDP control.

2.6.2 Payments will only be sent to accounts held in the member’s name, or a spouses name. We will not make transfers to accounts which are not in the name of the member.

2.7 Any all tax arrangements is the responsibility of the member.

2.8 The registration form must contain the bank details of the member or member’s spouse. CDP will not make credit the member’s payments into the bank account of anyone else, including but not limited to, friends, room mates, and non-spousal relatives.

2.9 Club Daily Pay does not enforce a ‘No Competition’ clause. members may work on any and all platforms they choose.

2.10 The member can offer a variety of services (where the platform permits) including escorting, however, in order to remain a member of our Adultwork Group, you must offer webcam services.

2.11.1 Members can leave the Club Daily Pay service anytime they wish, however members cannot delete their profile until CDP have received all earnings that CDP have advanced payed to the member. Failing to follow this term, CDP will contact the member in question to organise a repayment method. If the member is unresponsive or uncooperative, CDP may look to other avenues to recover the lost monies.

2.11.2 If a member is credited funds in error, we will hold that member’s account at a negative balance until such time that new funds replenish the negative balance.

2.11.3 Should a platform require that a member have a ‘verified’ status, such as Adultwork, then that member should make every effort to gain verified status. CDP will in lieu of verification with hold any payments until that member has become verified.

2.11.4 Should the member be banned on any platform, or act in any way that would prevent CDP from recovering any monies paid to the member, that member is obligated to reimburse CDP and has 7 days to make arrangements to repay any funds that cannot be recovered from the platform(s). If there has been no full or part repayment within 14 days, legal and/or debt recovery action will be taken.

2.12 Members may not share or communicate in any way information passed between CDP and the member unless otherwise permitted. Examples of information prohibited from being shared include, but is not limited to, email correspondence, personal details of members or CDP staff, and banking information.

2.12.1 Should a former or current member post any such correspondence in a public setting or make any claims or disputes against CDP, CDP reserves the right to in return publish any email or other correspondence transcripts in order to defend our name, resolve a dispute, or disprove any wrongful allegations or accusations.

2.13 Members are strictly forbidden from abusing CDP staff, members, or acting in a way that may bring the CDP name or image to ill repute.

2.14 The member may not elicit a payment from a client or visitor which would go against the terms of platform the member is operating on. This includes, but is not limited to, asking for PayPal or direct bank payments, or drawing the client or visitor away from the platform.

2.15.1 Members are required to ensure that any changes to their details are immediately communicated to CDP.

2.15.2 If for any reason CDP is not able to communicate with a member, such as our email address being blocked or CDP given the wrong contact details, then that member’s earnings will be held in escrow until CDP has a reliable way to communicating with the member.

2.17 Members have the right to leave the Club Daily Pay service at any time, and for any reason. CDP will first be required to ensure that all funds paid to the member have been recovered from the applicable platorms before the member is released.

Club Daily Pay’s Rights and Obligations

3.1 Club Daily Pay makes payments 365 days a year. Club Daily Pay is not responsible for any payment delays to a member’s bank account as a result of bank holidays, weekends, bank maintenance, or any other number of factors outwith our control.

3.1.1 Club Daily Pay uses the earnings overview of the platforms to see what members have earned. If for whatever reason the platforms are down or can not be accessed, Club Daily Pay can not be held responsible for any payment delay. Club Daily Pay will however always try to make the transfers as soon as possible in situations like this.

3.1.2 Club Daily Pay operates in Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0). When checking the earnings overviews of international platforms, we will check the daily earnings according to our own timezone.

3.2.1 If CDP is made aware of any term breaches by the member, whether they be CDP or platform terms, either by the platform or through the member’s actions, CDP reserves the right to either immediately terminate our service to the member, or hold that member’s funds in escrow for a period of upto 30 days until CDP is assured that those funds are not at risk of being reclaimed by the platform.

3.2.2 If a member is banned on any platform, resulting in any earnings being held in escrow or a chargeback before they can reach CDP, then it will be at the discretion of CDP whether or not to release any monies recovered from the platform.

3.3 Club Daily Pay exercises the right to terminate our service with a member for any reason, or deny or service to any applicant members.

3.4 Should a member wish to leave the CDP service, CDP will make all reasonable effort to ensure that the member’s details and any images have been removed from our possession, unless CDP is required to hold onto them by law.

3.5 Should CDP become aware of any illegal acts or wrongdoing while part of the CDP service, CDP may be required to report any such acts or wrongdoings to the applicable platform or appropriate law enforcement agencies. These acts or wrongdoings may include, but are not limited to:

3.5.1 A person (or animal) appearing on a video or live cam feed who is not verified or authorised to be visible.

3.5.2 Animal abuse or any forms of bodily harm.

3.5.3 Extreme age play (roleplaying a minor) or roleplay or performing acts otherwise deemed illegal or not allowed by the platform.

3.5.4 Streaming or broadcasting any prohibited content, such as, but not limited to, streaming pre-recorded video.

3.5.5 Making arrangements, asking for, or accepting off-site platforms or attempting to take visitors away from the platform. Stating any of the above in profile text is also prohibited

3.5.6 Chatting to minors or having minors appear (or heard) on the member’s audio or video feed

3.5.7 Making abusive or bigoted remarks either in profile content or streams.

3.6.1 Anyone contacting CDP through any medium, whether a member or non-member of the CDP service, may not abuse, agitate, or otherwise communicate or act in a way that may be interpreted as wilfully aggravating towards any CDP personnel.

3.6.2 In the case of the above conditions being breached, CDP reserves the right to remove a member from the CDP service, or in the case of the offending party not being a CDP member, any emails will go unanswered.

Miscellaneous Provisions

4.1 All monies made through a platform while a member of CDP will be paid out by CDP before a member can leave the CDP service.

4.2 Platforms which show earnings in a different currency to the member’s home currency, for example Streamate showing earnings in USD to UK members, will require a currency conversion. Currencies fluctuate constantly, and CDP cannot be held responsible for this fact.

4.3 Being a member of the Club Daily Pay service does not imply that there is any kind of relationship between CDP and it’s members, such as employment, business partnership, or any other form of agreement not expressly laid out in these terms.

4.4 CDP reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice, and at any time. Any and all changes are considered to apply retroactively.