Why am I having problems with the Adultwork Directcam Broadcaster?

If you read our blog article, How to Setup the new Adultwork DirectCam Broadcaster, we briefly explained that Adobe announced they would cut support for Flash almost 3 years ago. The Adultwork development team have been working on a new direct cam broadcaster for a short while now. Although the new broadcaster is up and running there are a few kinks to work out. Here are some of the most common issues with the Adultwork DirectCam Broadcaster and how to (hopefully) resolve them.

How do I fix the Adultwork Directcam Broadcaster problems?

Connection issues, black screens, no customers, visitors being kicked. These are just some of the most comon problems with the new Adultwork Directcam Broadcaster. Fortunately there are some workarounds available until the development team can fully patch the new software. Our workarounds are taken from both Adultwork and what our own members have tried themselves.

Which browsers work best for the directcam broadcaster?

It is recommended to use the latest version of Chrome for PC and android based systems. If you use Apple devices then Safari is recommended.

Adultwork Directcam Broadcaster connection issues

Make sure you are connected to a broadband internet connection. 4G internet is not recommended. An upload speed of 3 MB is recommended. If you are still having connection issues then try reducing your video size and video bandwidth via the broadcaster settings.

If you continue having issues try turning off any programs running in the background that may be using up bandwidth. Programs such as Netflix, YouTube, or other devices connected to the internet may be affecting your connection.

How do I connect to Direct Chat?

The Broadcaster doesn’t yet have full functionality, and that also applies to DirectChat/DirectIM. Members report that it works while in Free Chat.

I can’t see myself on my own video

Make sure your preferred audio and camera device have been selected in your broadcaster settings.

Visitors can’t see my video on the new broadcaster

Assuming your bandwidth is fine, they may be trying to view your broadcast via an older version of their web browser. They should try updating their web browser in this case.

Make sure you are not set-up for DirectIM only via the “Provide text-chat only” tickbox on your DirectCam Settings page.

I’m connected to the DirectCam Broadcaster but not getting any visitors

From the Adultwork Help section, more members are utilising Free Chat. This may be the source of no new visitors coming to your chat.

Visitors can connect but are kicked shortly after entering my chat

This may be caused by bandwidth issues explained above. If you are using Free Chat then you may need to adjust the free chat allowance in your settings.

I still have problems with the Adultwork DirectCam Broadcaster

We will continue updating this article as new information becomes available. Whether it comes from Adultwork or the community, we will continue to offer support to those experiencing issues with the Adultwork Directcam broadcaster.

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