If you are a webcam model in the UK you probably work on Adultwork, or have at least heard of it. is the UK’s biggest adult website because it began as an escort directory. Since then the website has grown massively. As a result there are many different ways to make money on Adultwork and it’s up to you how you want to make money on Adultwork. You can even set your own prices, too.

Working as a camgirl on Adultwork you will notice that 99% of the visitors are from the United Kingdom. That also means that if you’re not located in the UK your Adultwork profile won’t get as much traffic. Most guys prefer to talk to “local” girls and won’t even click on a profile that doesn’t have a UK location or nationality. If you’re not a cam model in the UK it will be harder to get traffic to your profile but it doesn’t mean you can’t make money on Adultwork.

Why not try something else if you feel Adultwork isn’t for you? Perhaps you might enjoy cam website Chaturbate, or content sales platforms like ManyVids and/or OnlyFans.


Earning money on Adultwork is simple. All you have to do is create an Adultwork account, verify your account (How to get Verified on Adultwork here), set up your profile and you are ready to work on Adultwork. The website and all its features might look a bit overwhelming at first, especially since the Adultwork website has a lot of options to choose from. Give it a day or 2 and you will know your way around. You can choose what services you want to make money on (and you can change this at any time). Not sure how to get started on your Adultwork profile? Read our Adultwork help article on how to make more money on Adultwork.

Adultwork uses its own currency; “Adultwork credits”. 1 credit is worth £1 until you request a payout. When you want to convert your Adultwork earnings to cash you will have to pay the Adultwork admin fee. The fee is 30%. This means 1 credit is worth £0.70 when you request a payment from Adultwork.


> Webcam chats (paid per minute – per visitor and you set your own rate)

> Receive tips (through Just Cam It)

> Arrange Skype webcam bookings through Adultwork (No longer available, SkyPrivate is another option)

> Sell your pictures

> Upload and sell your videos

> Sell your used items (such as panties) on the Adultwork marketplace

> Escorting

Adultwork has a lot more features, but we’ve only listed the features used to earn money.


When you’ve made 150 credits or more (and your credits have been in your account for at least 24 hours) you can request a payment from Adultwork. Your payment will be sent between 2 to 3 weeks after your payment request. Adultwork offers the following default payment methods:

> Pay to an ePayService (comes with additional third party fees)

> Paid to a Cosmo Payments account (comes with additional third party fees)

> Directly into your UK bank account

> Directly into your EU bank account

> Cash collection in most UK post offices

> Into your Paytoo wallet (please be aware Paytoo charges you an account, withdrawal, and currency conversion fee)

> Daily Pay directly into your bank account through Club Daily Pay


Club Daily Pay offers a daily pay service on Adultwork. The Adultwork earnings you make today are paid out directly into your bank tomorrow with just a £15 minimum. Our group is featured on the Adultwork homepage every day to bring all our members extra traffic. If you want daily pay on Adultwork all you have to do is become a Club Daily Pay member (join Club Daily Pay here). It takes just a few minutes to transfer your Adultwork profile to our daily pay service.

You can read how some of our Adultwork daily pay members benefit from our service by going to our Club Daily Pay reviews page.