Getting Started with Club IsLive

We would like to introduce Club IsLive, one of Europe’s biggest cam sites. Just like many of the other major cam sites, Club IsLive has high traffic from all over the world. What’s more, payments can be made into EU bank accounts, as well as non-EU bank accounts, so there’s no need to worry if you are a cam performer from somewhere such as the UK. Club IsLive is an inclusive website, so that means any performer over the age of 18 is welcome to sign up and join, whether you are a BBW, fetish performer, trans, no-face performer, domme, and everything in between.

Recently the site has had a complete makeover with a more modern design, improved functionality on the back-end (we all know how difficult it can be working on a cam site with lots of bugs) and the site is now fully in English; ideal for a growing international community of performers!

Club IsLive Features

Interesting in seeing what the Club IsLive features have to offer? Whether you want to get stuck in and get working on IsLive as a webcam performer, private messaging only, or are just done with free chat sites, then this list of features should help you decide whether you should sign up on Club IsLive or not.

> Premium site (no free chat)

> Earn more with VIP mode or through tips

> Interactive toy support

> Get paid for everyone private message received

> Training videos and articles available

> Work solo or as a couple

> Male and trans performers welcome

> Support available in English and Dutch

> No limit on how many visitors can be in your chat simultaneously

> Payments 3x per month (roughly every 10 days) for EU members, once per month for non-EU members

> Paid directly to your bank account

Making Money on Club IsLive

You have several options when it comes to making money on Club IsLive. Depending on which kind of performer you are, you may can earn money via group chat, private (VIP) chat, tips, interactive toys, and private messaging. Of course, you can also maximise your earning potential by using all of these money making features. Below is a quick breakdown of how much you can earn on Club IsLive from each of the available features:

> Group chat: € 0.20 per visitor, per minute (there is no limit to visitors in your chat)

> Private messaging: € 0.20 per message received

> Tips: € 0.20 minimum (usually a lot more, there is no upper limit to tipping so the customer can decide)

> 1 on 1 VIP: € 0.80 per minute

> Promotion: allow your profile to be advertise, such as on Twitter, and for each visitor to your profile through your promotion link you will receive an ADDITIONAL € 0.29 per minute, on top of any other earnings.

Signing up on Club IsLive

If you are looking for an additional site to work on, an EU site like IsLive may just be what you are looking for. If you are looking for an alternative to sites you may already be working on, then give IsLive a go. All signups are welcome, whether you are a BBW, 40+, part time/full time, you can increase your earning potential by adding a new site to your arsenal. Sign up today, registration is easy, and it only takes a few minutes to complete your sign up. You could be working the very same day!